Park City levy worries taxpayer

Deloris Berry of Park City
Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Reader’s Viewpoint

To all tax payers, I am really concerned about this new Park City school tax they are asking for. It is a general fund for $75,000  that goes on every year with no cap on it. My question is what is this much money needed for as your letter stated you have already lost some kids and it seems the young people are shrinking away. I do not mind helping the school but I want to know what is needed then put in a reasonable amount of money then when that is paid off ask for something else. Seniors are having a hard time staying in their homes now and the legislature just passed some pretty expensive tax increases with that medicaid thing. I already have to mail order medicine as I can longer afford it here. Also look at the prices going up in the grocery store and the gas pumps, so let’s get reasonable and tell us what you need and forget this permanent general fund thing. That is like giving a teenager a blank check and telling them you will put in $75.000 every year forever.

Deloris Berry of Park City


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