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Thursday, August 8, 2019

In general, folks in Laurel look out for each other.

In preparing for school to begin, local businesses held supply drives ensuring all our children will be ready Aug. 22. Community Hope helps keep people from going hungry everyday. The Laurel Exchange Club has provided monetary support to the Laurel program of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Laurel grade school children collect pennies to aid cancer research. Rotary has established a Laurel High School Hall of Fame. Churches in town perform innumerable acts of kindness. The list goes on and on. We are part of tight community that steps up when our neighbors need a hand.

Although we do much to keep folks informed about the on-going projects of service clubs, The Laurel Outlook staff in conjunction with several businesses would like to extend a hand to residents of Laurel in need of assistance. We hope our first project—painting the house of a needy/disabled/senior homeowner—will encourage others to step up and volunteer with us, or to tackle other projects to improve Laurel’s attractiveness, as well as help individuals or families in need.

After we have a suitable project, we will set the project date but expect it to be near the end of September or early October. Pizza Hut has already generously offered to feed the volunteer crew and we expect others to step up with supplies. After completing the initial project, we hope to find other projects that will both assist needy folks and beautify Laurel.

To make this a success, we need readers to give us the names of folks who need their houses painted and can’t do it themselves. Candidates must be homeowners and have an economic or physical barrier preventing them from doing the work themselves. Please email suggestions to news@laureloutlook.com or mail to P.O. Box 278, Laurel, MT 59044

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