Oops, Putin did it

Reader’s Viewpoint
Thursday, March 3, 2022

I was wrong, Putin has invaded Ukraine. We again, just a few generations removed from WWII and the fight against fascism, are facing intolerance. A listing here of the international illegalities and moral depravity displayed would be a redundancy in today’s dialog. I would like to introduce an option the non-empathetic, the power hungry paranoids and amoral may understand.

Putin spent over a decade rebuilding the Russian army at a cost of trillions. What is the cost of the invasion itself, billions? How about the cost of rebuilding the infrastructure and economy of the country you have conquered? I’m sure there must be significant expenditures in keeping the citizenry “in line”, and how about the “gratuities” necessary to appease the individuals in your new government? In the end, would it not be cheaper to avoid all inherent costs of war through peace with its productive long-term building and acquisition of wealth, thus enriching a greater portion of society creating a greater tax base?

When is humanity going to rationalize the economic and moral futility of violence and war? Can we rise above racial and ethnic bigotry? Will we learn to accept religious and spiritual diversity? It can’t happen too soon.

Jim Tikalsky

Laurel, Mont.

The Laurel Outlook


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