Is NWE scamming customers?

Reader’s Viewpoint
Thursday, December 9, 2021

Is North Western Energy’s proposed methane powered electric generation plant in Laurel just a scam to increase profits to the detriment of its customers? We are told that the cost of heating with methane could be as much as 60% higher than in previous years. It turns out that methane gas we produce here in the U.S. is sent all over the world, to the highest bidders. I know I need to use this resource to heat my home so I will pay what is needed, especially since there isn’t really another alternative. Now we hear that our future electricity could be coming from methane as well. So does this mean that the company that heats my home will be bidding against the company that provides my electricity? For NWE this is good business since the higher the cost of methane, the greater the profit. This feels like a scam to me since there are many alternatives to providing my electricity that do not treat ratepayers like a cash cow. Please remind our Public Service Commission that it is their job to protect us from such scams.

Larry Bean

Billings, Mont.


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