Now is the time to learn about the school bond

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Now is the time to learn about the school bond

It seems everyone has already formed an opinion on the $52 million school bond vote that will be heading our way on Nov. 7.
The citizens committee has its work cut out for it because it is hard to convince people to tax themselves more when by all appearances this school district is doing just fine.
It appears there is enough energy and information with this group to take on the challenge of informing the public.
That is the mission of the committee:
• Present the evidence that our schools are overcrowded and the trend is to see even more students in the next decade.
• Remind the public that a Band-aid approach to fixing the aging schools will be more expensive and won’t solve numerous issues.
• The older schools need to be addressed one way or another. If not now, when?
The committee spoke at the Laurel Rotary meeting last week and everyone was impressed by the information shared from this group of our neighbors and friends.
Ultimately the success or failure of the bond will come down to communicating the need for this ambitious and forward-thinking proposition.
The math is pretty simple – the staunch no voters will vote no. The staunch yes voters will vote yes. Passage will depend on the committee reaching people who may or may not vote or those who feel they don’t know enough about the bond to cast a vote.
The Laurel Outlook invites anyone with an opinion about the bond to state their case with letters to the editor or online on our Facebook page. Letters in the paper will be run as we get them but we would ask that a person only author one letter between now and the vote to give others space to weigh in.
We will also be running a series of stories documenting the state of our schools in Laurel. We will also direct you to any public meeting presented by the committee so you can learn and ask committee members and district officials any question you might have about the proposal.
We would also point you to a Facebook page called YesforLaurelsfuture and to see what the committee is presenting.
This is an important vote and we will do our best to give you the information you need to cast an informed vote on Nov. 7. We are pretty sure the citizen volunteer committee would also sit down and discuss the vote with any size group.

David Keyes is publisher of The Laurel Outlook.

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