No Medicare for All

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to share my view of the misnamed attack on our freedom! Make no mistake, Medicare for All is sucking up all of the spotlight in the health care debate. We should be talking about it, but not just about how it’s going to “cover” every American. We also need to talk about the reality of the bill: it’s going to close down rural hospitals, create delays and access challenges, and significantly raise our taxes. There is no point to creating universal “coverage” with Medicare for All if it also depletes the ability for our healthcare system to operate. While a national healthcare system may seem currently unrealistic, there’s a new proposal that’s not. Before a single-payer system happens, there is a proposal to create a national healthcare database. In order for single payer to be implemented, this first part needs to be established. We can’t let this happen. This is important: under our very nose, right now Congress is considering an “All Payer Claims Database” that takes all of our personal health data and gives the federal government organization of it. Without our permission, the government would gain access to health records and store them in one place. I don’t believe this is a wise step. Republicans in the Senate including Senator Daines should continue working on health care reform. But the movement to get government out of the way should not make an exception for a national database. Not only does this lay the groundwork for a Medicare for All system, it jeopardizes our personal freedoms in the process. Just say NO!

God loves you (John 3:16),

Pat Plowman Boyd


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