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Dodgers take championship in 1992 outslugging Missoula for win
Growing bigger soldiers was credited in part to the ability to refrigerate food with electric appliances by The Montana Power Company in this ad from 1942.

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25 years ago

Aug. 5, 1992

When the Laurel Dodgers’ team bus left for the State A American Legion baseball tournament two weeks ago, none of the players aboard realized just how long it had been since their hometown’s last state title. “We knew it had been a while,” said Chad Eastlick, “but not 31 years.” Three decades of futility came to an end in Missoula. The powerful Dodgers swept through four games, outslugging Missoula 20-17, in the championship game July 29. How long had it been? So long that the batboy on the 1961 title team is now the head coach. How much did it mean to the city? So much that a stream of 25 cars trailed the bus on a last-minute procession through town when it arrived home the next day. How good was this team? So good that the only obstacle all week it couldn’t overcome was a load of logs accidentally dumped on First Avenue South. That forced the parade to be detoured. “It was great,” said Eastlick about the welcome-home reception. “If it was me, I’d just as soon head up to my cabin and not even stop. but the kids deserve it. it’s great for them. We really appreciate everything,” said Coach Fred Feuerbacher III.

Births were announced for Bryce Jeriah Frank, Aaron Scott Fox, Shane Aaron Gordon, August Cole Dooper, Seth William Popelka, James Donald McKinney, Zacharie Robert Frank and Logan Ryan Conners.

Nora Michael has a Ball preparing her entries for MontanaFair each year. In fact, she has two or three cases of them—the canning jars, that is. For the past 12 years, Michael has been canning farm and garden produce in Ball canning jars. And since her first fair, Michael has brought home blue ribbons on her entries. Her skill in the kitchen, combined with her consistent use of Ball jars has paid off for this blue-ribbon cook. The Ball corporation selected one of her recipes for its newest hard-cover cookbook, due out this summer. Michael said she learned early this spring that the canning jar manufacturer had selected her kosher dill pickle recipe, which won a blue ribbon at the 1991 MontanaFair, for publication in this year’s Ball cookbook. The company selected Michael’s recipe from approximately 200 other blue ribbon pickle recipes.


50 years ago

Aug. 9, 1967

The arts and crafts schedule for the recreation department program beginning Monday, will be macaroni mosaics; Tuesday is clay modeling; Wednesday, molds; Thursday, backwards dress-up contest; and Friday, game day. Nancy DeFrance and Nita Sandman, recreation supervisors, announced sewing and knitting lessons have begun and interested youngsters are urged to sign up with the supervisors as soon as possible. 

Eleven members and two guests, Miss Dora Bakker and Mrs. Mabel Mitchell of New Zealand, attended the regular August meeting of the Country Cousins Hobby Club in the home of Mrs. Robert Cedar. Clothing was collected and will be sent to the Indian missions. Following the business session members made feather flowers.

The Park City graduating class of 1957 held its 10 year reunion picnic July 30, in the Park City park. Those present were Kay Vandenberg Kappel, Lorna Steinmetz Kappel, Norma Roth Kappel, Sandra Roth Farris, Delores Leikam Lapp, Gary Hedges, Jack Payer, Leroy Kappel, Richard Kappel and their families. Former superintendent Basil Helgeson and wife were guests.


75 years ago

Aug. 5, 1942

Imbued with the desire to do something to assist the nation’s war effort, a group of youngsters known as the Junior Victory Club has completed an initial collection of scrap iron, tin, aluminum, paper and rubber. Members of the club are Beverly Rider, Dolly Lehr, Clfford Frank, Dorothy Swartearf, Helen Shriener, Wallace Rider, Bernice Kamerzel, Violet Barthuly, Gorden Frank and Jimmy Barthuly.

Achievement of the goal for taking the Laurel north road “to the top of the hill” on the North Fork of Canyon creek is being witnessed this week. The travel artery is making connection, 17 miles north of Laurel, with the old Buffalo trail into Broadview and is intersecting the east and west “hog-back road” east of Molt. The elevators and town of Molt are visible from the junction of the new road with the north and south Buffalo trail. The 17 miles of new road, representing work previously done or now under construction, makes Laurel’s First avenue a link in a travel lane that extends thousands of miles.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fox are parents of a son born Saturday at a Billings hospital.

Mrs. L.B. Branstetter returned last week from a visit of two months in California. Part of the time she spent at Lemoor, where Corporal Branstetter was stationed before leaving for officers’ training at an eastern army camp. 

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Ward sold their property at 107 West Fifth street to Henry Oakland and are moving to San Diego, Calif., where Mr. Ward will engage in naval work.

Mrs. Margaret Lackman of 412 Yellowstone avenue is in receipt of a letter from her son, Ralph Lackman, seaman, second class. He has graduated from a welding and seamanship school at San Francisco and is now stationed at a submarine repair unit in San Diego. He appreciates the Laurel Outlook very much, his mother says.

L.L. Flamm, among the Laurel boys entering the service before Pearl Harbor, has written to Paul Wold. As a member of the national guard he was among those called for peace-time duty with the armed forces. The “defense” program changed immediately into a war effort when the Japs attacked. He is a lieutenant in the infantry and is located “somewhere in Australia.” He receives the Laurel Outlook regularly, which usually arrives a month late.

A sample of the black ore that is being taken from the Benbow chrome mine in Stillwater county after being made into a concentrate for shipping from Columbus, was brought to Laurel recently by Forrest Thayer of 12 Idaho avenue. Some of the concentrate is displayed in a bottle in the window of the Laurel Outlook.


100 years ago

Aug. 1, 1917

Notice has been posted by the local county board of Yellowstone county to make up the first quota of the army drawn under the selective conscription act. There are to be 284 called for military service from this county and the board has notified 586 to appear for medical examination. 

James Phillips is engaged in moving the Owl Cafe building to its new location east of the Skauge-Olson store. J. Zywert is having it moved and will remodel it for a restaurant and rooming house. Charles Askenas will occupy it with his restaurant. On the lot on which it stood Mr. Zywert will erect a brick building to be used for a meat market and cold storage plant.

G.E. Settergren and family returned Saturday evening from a two weeks’ sight-seeing trip in the Yellowstone National Park. Although at one time Mr. Settergren lived only a few miles from the park line he had never made the trip through. The trip was made during ideal weather and was thoroughly enjoyed. On their return they stopped at Emigrant and visited several days with a brother of Mr. Settergren’s, who is one of the largest stock raisers of that section.

Montana merchants were officially warned Monday by the state board of health not to sell Burma beans until a laboratory test had been made. Minnesota state chemists, it is understood are also analyzing the beans, which are believed to be poisonous and which it is rumored were shipped into the United States by German agents.


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