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25 years ago

Dec. 11, 1991

Births were announced for Sheila Marie Bailey, Justin Lee Anest and Marissa Dawn Langemo.

Laurel Middle School history teacher, Jack Bayne, hosted a news conference at the school on Friday to announce plans for a unique educational event for Laurel school students. Bayne told the group of community leaders and military personnel that he and a committee of Laurel educators have been working to develop an aviation week to help inform students about the history and future of aviation and to introduce them to career opportunities.

Firemen answered two calls Dec. 4. Firemen responded to a motor vehicle accident on Laurel Airport Road. Reports indicate a vehicle which had gone out of control knocked down a power pole. No one was injured, but the occupants of the vehicle were trapped for over half an hour until utilities workers were able to shut off power to the cable which was lying across the vehicle.


50 years ago

Dec. 14, 1966

The Park City Happy Rancherettes Home Demonstration Club held their Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Albert Kober with fourteen members and two guest, Miss Lois Lohr of Columbus and Mrs.W.L. Gunderson, present. Secret sisters were revealed with exchange of gifts.

Nine contestants for the second annual Jaycee-sponsored Junior Miss pageant attended a meeting Sunday evening in the Owl Cafe. Contestants will be judged on scholastic achievement; judges conferences; creative and performing arts; poise, appearance and youth fitness. Assisting the contestants will be Miss Pat Morgan, senior high school home economics instructor; Mrs. Don Hill, former LSH girls physical education instructor; and T.E. Kilpatrick. Twenty-two prizes are being donated by the Laurel merchants for the top four contestants. 


75 years ago

Dec. 10, 1941

As the Laurel Outlook was about to go to press: Word flashed around the world that Germany and Italy had declared war on the United States, thus joining their axis partner Japan. America’s declarations against its two latest foes, Germany and Italy are expected by noon Thursday from congress. Italy had the questionable “honor” of beating its partner Germany by a few minutes in formally declaring war on the United States. Mobs are said to have hysterically cheered the announcements. Congress is to consider conscription between the ages of 18 and 45.

Yellowstone county is the first in Montana to employ a full time probation officer, whose duties consist in the main of dealing with juvenile delinquencies, correction and prevention. Recently appointed to the position is Dr. John K. Donohue, who spoke here Tuesday at the weekly meeting of the Laurel Rotary club and described the general scope of his work. In his 30-minute address he sketched the division of life from infancy to majority as designated by psychologists and other students of human behavior. Science has not entered the field as an aide to the courts and society at large. Once the causes are known, something can be done about correction and even prevention—in many cases without resort to courts and institutions.

In honor of their wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Geiger entertained the Best-Ever club and the members’ husband at the Geiger ranch home. For the evening entertainment, club members enacted a mock wedding, in which Mrs. Bates appeared as the groom, Mrs. Hogan as the bride, Mrs. Parson and Mrs. Watson as the bride’s father and mother, Mrs. Rutter and Mrs. Geiger as bridesmaids, Miss Hogan as best man, Mrs. Slater as train bearer, Mrs. Mace as ring bearer, and Mrs. Brickman as the minister. Miss Beslanowitch was the pianist.


100 years ago

Dec. 16, 1916

The year 1915-16 was the “annusmirabilis” in the Laurel schools. The net result is, the German contingent is housed in a modern, steam-heated, three-room building, while the high school is installed in a building strictly modern in its various appointments. The building is fireproof, the heating system changed to steam, throughly equipped lavatories have been installed, class rooms have been reconstructed, basement rooms refinished and supplied with light from eight additional windows, provision was made for a dining room and the entrance has been made modern and storm-proof. Three years ago the English-German school was situated on Main street in two rooms; the upper floor was used by English pupils of the sixth grade. There were 80 pupils. The next year the English students were moved to the Laurel public school. The English-German school is commonly called the German school, because the pupils speak a German dialect as their baby language. Some of the older children today speak English with no accent or idioms almost as fluently as they speak German. The German children learn to read quickly when they have mastered the words commonly used in the reading and spelling books.


Mrs. Sarah Morse, formerly county superintendent of the public schools of this county, has written an article for the bulletin sent out by the state board of health in which she makes and appeal to the citizens of the state to raise funds for fighting tuberculosis.



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