A look back at Laurel History - 12/15/16

Toys limited on store shelves due to war in 1916
Kathleen Gilluly
Outlook managing editor

25 years ago

Dec. 11, 1991

Births were announced for Lyndsey Marie Blohm and Sheila Marie Bailey.

A 15-year-old Big Fork boy, who ran away from Youth Services in Billings in a stolen truck last week, was arrested by Laurel Police Officer Bryan Fischer shortly after the theft. He heard an attempt to locate issued on a black truck with a canoe rack. Shortly afterwards, Fischer was eastbound on Old Hwy 10 east of Laurel when he observed a westbound vehicle matching the description. He said the vehicle was traveling in a suspicious manner. While waiting for confirmation on the plates, Fischer pulled the vehicle over. As he was approaching the vehicle, the 15-year-old youth jumped out of the truck and surrendered without incident.

The town of Fromberg has been awarded $300,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds to loan to Gateway Software Corporation for start-up costs. The start-up will create 25 new jobs, a 41% increase in local employment for the town. There are currently only 61 full time jobs in Fromberg. Gateway will make a software package used by school districts for library management systems.

The Park City FFA held its annual fruit, cheese, and sausage sales October 15 through November 1. A lot of products were sold and orders should arrive some time in the next week. The club is holding a food basket and clothing drive for donations of food and out-grown or unneeded clothing for those less fortunate.

More bomb threats were received by the Laurel High School and the Laurel Middle School yesterday, but students were not evacuated from the buildings, as has been past practice. According to Laurel Police Sergeant John Rosenberg, a threatening call was made to the Laurel High School Tuesday, and one followed at LMS a few minutes later. Assistant High School Principal Paul Culbertson said he called the district office immediately after receiving the call to consult will Superintendent Wayne Severston. The calls were the last of four individual threats. In each case, the students were evacuated and released for the day or kept at another school until the end of the school day.


50 years ago

Dec. 21, 1966

Bags of candy, 1499 of them, were sacked Saturday evening by members of the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department and its auxilliary. The candy will be given to children at the firehall following the movie Saturday, Dec. 24. It’s all part of the LVFD’s 17th annual Christmas party for children. Of course, Santa will be on hand. 

The amount of $400 for a triangle of land at the coming of S. First St. and Fifth Ave. will be offered administrators of the Bastrup estate and city fathers are hopeful of adding the portion of land to the South Park. “We’ll have a nice sized park over there,” Mayor Belanwitch said. Five lots were donated to the city for the park by Lois Russell.

From the classifieds: Furnished 2 bedroom apt. Large living room, kitchen, dinette and glassed in porch, garage. No pets. Steady renter. 2 children. $70.00. Water furnished, 901 E. 4th St. 2 bedroom house for rent $45 a month. Call after 5 p.m.


75 years ago

Dec. 17, 1941

Many good Americans, people who are freely spending their money to support and protect their country and whose kinsmen are already in service or soon will be, have never committed to memory such things as the pledge of allegiance, the preamble of the constitution, or “The Start-Spangled Banner.” It will also be necessary to know how to properly salute the flag. Organizations of the city can render a service to  to their members by conducting drills on these matters. Every American, native or foreign born, should know the verbal salute to the flag. The Outlook presents it here with the recommendation that it be committed to memory:

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

CJ. McManus, member of the city council and chairman for the defense advisory commission, announced this week that an office has been opened in the Commercial club building on Main Street for registration of citizens who have training or experience of any nature which may be of value in defense. A registrar has been retained for this purpose and will be assisted by volunteers when necessary.

Laurel post No. 123 of the American Legion held one of the largest and most enthusiastic meetings of record Thursday evening. Careful consideration was given to many phases of the national defense program as concerns the part the Legion is to play. The post went on record pledging support to the president of the United States. Approval was also expressed on Department Commander Jim Annin’s condemnation of Representative Rankin’s vote on the resolution calling for a declaration of war against Japan.


100 years ago

Dec. 13, 2016

The Yuletide season is beginning to put on its appearance in Laurel. The merchants have been receiving the stocks for the past two weeks, but not until last week did they begin to arrive in earnest. There has been every precaution taken by the merchants of this city to provide large stocks of varied assortments for the benefit of the buying public. Toys are a little short, due to war, but many useful gifts are on display. 

John Wilson, a section hand on the Northern Pacific, was killed in the Laurel Yards this evening when he was run down by the Bridger passenger train as it was pulling into the yards. The accident happened near the ice house. Wilson with others of the crew were engaged in carrying snow from the tracks under the direction of George Harper. Mr. Harper saw the train and warned his men to look out, but Wilson did not seem to hear and walked in front of the engine. He was a Finlander and came here from Red Lodge about a week ago. He gave his age as 45. The body was terribly mangled as the train was running at a high speed and passed over the body after it was hit by the engine.



Gentlemen: Early in the summer you gave the Northern Pacific some very unfavorable advertising relative to toilet arrangements of the Northern Pacific at Laurel. I wish to assure you that we were very mortified to read the comments in your paper, particularly as we had the matter up at the time with our St. Paul offices and were endeavoring to secure an appropriations for the work. I am pleased to inform you at this time that early in the spring the Northern Pacific will connect up with city water and sewer systems and that drinking fountains and toilet rooms will be installed in both waiting rooms. The interior of the depot will be remodeled to make room for the improvements. The cost of same are estimated at $1,500. Trusting that you will give your readers this information, I am, Yours truly, Cris Cron, Agent Nor. Pac.



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