Locomotives end regular season with dominant, shut-out win against Glendive

Connor Waddingham
Thursday, October 31, 2019
Outlook photo by Connor Waddingham                        Linebackers Danner Purckett (#32), Shel Osborne (#51) and James Ochs (#27) awaiting the snap.

Outlook photo by Connor Waddingham
            Linebackers Danner Purckett (#32), Shel Osborne (#51) and James Ochs (#27) awaiting the snap.

The Laurel Locomotives are now on a six–game winning streak headed into the Class A playoffs. Last weekend, the Locos dominated the Red Devils at the Laurel Sports Complex, and now will get an extra week of preparation for the playoffs with a first-round bye. The Locomotives earned their bye by finishing in first place in the Eastern A with a 7-1 record.

Oct. 25, Glendive 0 Laurel 36

1 2 3 4 F GLE 0 0 0 0 0 LAU 22 14 0 0 36

The Locos scored early and often in the first half of this game. They put the game away early, and their defense held onto the shutout throughout the entire game. This game was Laurel’s third shutout of the season. It was also their first shutout since the Billings Central game.

The Red Devils received the opening kick to start this game and managed to fumble twice in just three plays. The first fumble was recovered by Glendive, but the Locomotives recovered the next one.

They took over from just 36-yards out.

Taggert Devaney, the same player who recovered the fumble on the previous play, opened up the drive with a 10-yard rush. Cameron Younger carried the ball twice for another two yards, and later, Ethan Renner carried the ball for 14 yards on his first touch of the game.

Renner scored from just two yards for the first touchdown of the game. It was 7-0 Locos after a successful point-after kick from Tyler Emineth.

The Red Devils’ next drive resulted in a three-and-out and then Laurel retained the ball, via a Dawson County punt. The Locos drove down the field using chunk plays and on fourth-and-four, Eli Aby connected with senior Keagan Campbell for 21 yards and a score. This was Aby’s first of two touchdowns on the day, and it increased Laurel’s lead to 14.

The next Glendive drive resulted in an interception by Jack Waddell. Two plays later, before the end of the first quarter, Waddell caught a 52-yard touchdown reception.

Towards the end of the second quarter, Waddell snagged another interception off of Glendive. This set up a 16–yard touchdown from Ethan Renner, who scored from 22 yards out on the previous drive. The Locos went into halftime with a 36-point lead over the Red Devils. Neither team scored in the second half, which was mainly just Laurel running down the clock. The Locos won this game 36-0 to put a dominant stamp on their regular season.

The Laurel Locomotives have not lost since Sept. 13, when the Locos took on the Cowboys of Custer County and lost by just five points. Laurel is scorching hot going into the post-season and will have an extra week to prepare for the postseason.

The Locomotives will take on the winner of Libby and Butte Central. Libby sits at 7-2, which is the best record in the Northwestern division. Butte Central was one of the last teams to make the playoffs, with their 5-4 record. Whoever wins this matchup, will be faced with a tough task against this fast and physical Locomotive squad. Check back next week to find out who the Locomotives will be playing in the playoffs in Laurel on November 9.


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