Locomotive grapplers compete in Powell

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Results for Laurel @ Powell Invitational – (12/13 –


Varsity 113: Ivan Lee (Laurel) – 1st Quarterfinals – Ivan Lee (Laurel) received a bye Semifinals – Ivan Lee (Laurel) over Kael Johnson (Natrona County) (Dec 6-1) 1st Place Match – Ivan Lee (Laurel) over Joel Vroman (Riverton) (Fall 3:51)

Varsity 138: Keagan Campbell (Laurel) – 1st Quarterfinals – Keagan Campbell (Laurel) over Alex Eisenbraun (Campbell County) (Fall 0:49) Semifinals – Keagan Campbell (Laurel) over Billy Brenton (Natrona County) (Dec 6-3) 1st Place Match – Keagan Campbell (Laurel) over Corey Linebaugh (Powell) (Fall 3:12)

Varsity 145: Keagan Thompson (Laurel) – 6th Quarterfinals – Riley Bennett (Powell) over Keagan Thompson (Laurel) (Dec 9-4) Cons. Semis – Keagan Thompson (Laurel) over Kadon DeWitt (Shoshoni) (Dec 8-2) 5th Place Match – Roedy Farrell (Thermopolis) over Keagan Thompson (Laurel) (Dec 5-2)

Varsity 160: Cole Younger (Laurel) – 2nd Quarterfinals – Cole Younger (Laurel) over Lawrence Woodington (Rocky Mountain) (Fall 0:57) Semifinals – Cole Younger (Laurel) over Dawsen Hayden (Campbell County) (Dec 9-4) 1st Place Match – Clay Reiner (Buffalo) over Cole Younger (Laurel) (Dec 4-2)

Varsity 170: Camden Johnson (Laurel) – 3rd Quarterfinals – Camden Johnson (Laurel) over Keaton Stone (Cody) (Fall 1:29) Semifinals – Bo Dearcorn (Powell) over Camden Johnson (Laurel) (Fall 3:16) 3rd Place Match – Camden Johnson (Laurel) over Brendyn Nelson (Natrona County) (Fall 0:59)

Varsity 182: Donald Maurer (Laurel) – DNP Quarterfinals – Colter Collver (Wind River) over Donald Maurer (Laurel) (Dec 6-3) Cons. Semis – Jace Grant (Cody) over Donald Maurer (Laurel) (Fall 0:18)

Varsity 195: Connor Ulschak (Laurel) – 5th Quarterfinals – Colton Befus (Wind River) over Connor Ulschak (Laurel) (Dec 10-4) Cons. Semis – Connor Ulschak (Laurel) over Jonas Mickelson (Cody) (Fall 3:13) 5th Place Match – Connor Ulschak (Laurel) over Colter Helm (Natrona County) (Fall 5:08)

Varsity 152: Tyler Emineth (Laurel) – 6th Quarterfinals – Tray Hyatt (Riverton) over Tyler Emineth (Laurel) (Fall 0:00) Cons. Semis – Tyler Emineth (Laurel) over Colson Coon (Sheridan) (Dec 9-4) 5th Place Match – Tryston Truempler (Shoshoni) over Tyler Emineth (Laurel) (Dec 7-1)

JV 106: Noah Michaelson (Laurel) – 2nd Quarterfinals – Noah Michaelson (Laurel) over Grady Edwards (Thunder Basin High School) (Fall 1:05) Semifinals – Noah Michaelson (Laurel) over Christian Meza (Sheridan) (Fall 0:48) 1st Place Match – KC Gibson (Wind River) over Noah Michaelson (Laurel) (Fall 3:09)

JV 120: Brendan Pinter (Laurel) – 4th Quarterfinals – Brendan Pinter (Laurel) over Cole Hanson (Sheridan) (Dec 6-2) Semifinals – Nick Clemans (Sheridan) over Brendan Pinter (Laurel) (Dec 9-2) 3rd Place Match – Jace Berry (Natrona County) over Brendan Pinter (Laurel) (Dec 7-3)

JV 126: Max Brown (Laurel) – 2nd Quarterfinals – Max Brown (Laurel) over Blaze Laird (Lander Valley) (Fall 2:39) Semifinals – Max Brown (Laurel) over Toni Rosalez (Sheridan) (Fall 4:33) 1st Place Match – Charles Snyder (Lander Valley) over Max Brown (Laurel) (Fall 1:06)

JV 145: Dillon Burkey (Laurel) – 8th Quarterfinals – Ivan Keuntjes (Worland) over Dillon Burkey (Laurel) (Fall 1:58)

Laurel Locomotives travel to Great Falls for the CMR Tournament this weekend.


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