Listen to elders lesson of hearing

Jim Tikalsky of Laurel
Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Reader’s Viewpoint

We are strange beings. We praise and judge others by their appearance, vocal fluency, vitality or their youthfulness. We laugh at and ignore the infirm, disabled or aged with their frailties or social clumsiness. This is understandable as strength is perceived as a survival necessity. Yet the great ape and large predatory felines are on the brink of extinction, unable to combat the intrusion of the relatively physically weak human. What is it that gives the humans their advantage?

On the 24th Robert Mueller, an elder statesman tempered and scarred from a lifetime of civil service, steadfast in his principles and decorum, warned America that we again face a severe challenge to our freedoms from enemies without and within our borders. But again humanity’s incongruities surfaced as critics attacked his frailties, slurred speech and non-combative demeanor. How often at our own possible demise do we pander to the elderly accommodating their quaint mannerisms, and yet fail to listen to the knowledge they impart to us all?

Jim Tikalsky



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