Letter about mom’s care doesn’t reflect reader’s experience

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

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What a sad view you have of your mom’s living conditions. As a friend of your mom, a member of her church and a former resident of the independent facility where she lives, I have a completely different view.

The management and all the staff at this facility are some of the most loving and caring people I have ever met. I have the highest praise for all of them. I especially remember the loving spirit they showed to your dad and to my husband when they were both alive.

I want to comment on when your mom ordered a chicken salad sandwich, fruit, potato chips and ice cream for lunch. That was her choice! We circled what we wanted from the daily menu. I would have ordered that in a minute. There would have been a choice of a hot meal, also.

I thought you helped your mom move in, but even if you weren’t there she has lots of family in Laurel and Billings that she can call on. My family was there for my husband and me, and they live 600 miles away.

Another sad point in your letter is in the last paragraph where you wrote: “that you were glad you don’t go to this church anymore or listen to their prophetic lies or call yourself a Christian.” Really! No longer a Christian?

In visiting with your mom when I lived there, she was always talkative, happy and upbeat.

I wonder what your agenda is for such a vile attack.

I wonder what has happened to your faith that you attack hallowed institutions with such bitterness. Why can’t you be supportive of your mom? When I lived there I felt loved, protected and safe. These things are important as we age. And please realize that not all retirement communities have this level of care. Your mom is in a good place.

Cleo Koefelda

Fargo, ND


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