Laurel Wrestling: January 23, 2021

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Wrestling Results (Laurel 138.0 Park / Sweet Grass Co 6.0) - Varsity

Park / Sweet Grass Co vs. Laurel @ Park/Glasgow Duals on 01/23/2021.

Laurel (LAUR) 138.

0 Park / Sweet Grass Co (PSHS) 6.0

103: Dylan Wombolt (LAUR) over Leland Peters (PSHS) (Fall 0:18) 113: Peyton Waldo (LAUR) over (PSHS) (For.) 120: Ashton Ulschak (LAUR) over Jessica Gubler (PSHS) (Fall 0:26) 126: Johnathan Herr (LAUR) over Gage McGillvray (PSHS) (Fall 3:11) 132: Kade Wersland (LAUR) over Trae DeSaveur (PSHS) (Fall 3:25) 138: Owen Younger (LAUR) over Taw Seemann (PSHS) (Fall 1:46) 145: Aden Winder (LAUR) over Charlie Seemann (PSHS) (Fall 0:36) 152: Tyler Emineth (LAUR) over Cody Prather (PSHS) (Fall 1:54) 160: Camden Johnson (LAUR) over Cade Gubler (PSHS) (Dec 5-4) 170: Cole Younger (LAUR) over (PSHS) (For.) 182: Sebastian Meyer (PSHS) over (LAUR) (For.) 205: Connor Ulschak (LAUR) over Quincy Eastman (PSHS) (Fall 0:36) 285: Gabe Hernandez (LAUR) over Lyom Bullard (PSHS) (Fall 1:46)


Wrestling Results (Laurel 36.0 / Glasgow 31.0) - Varsity

Laurel vs. Glasgow @ Park Triangular on 01/23/2021.

Laurel (LAUR) 36.0

Glasgow (GLAS) 31.0

103: Dylan Wombolt (LAUR) over Damon Adkins (GLAS) (Dec 8-6) 113: Peyton Waldo (LAUR) over (GLAS) (For.) 120: Ashton Ulschak (LAUR) over (GLAS) (For.) 126: Johnathan Herr (LAUR) over Dawson Boland (GLAS) (Fall 1:07) 132: Kade Wersland (LAUR) over Alex Ost (GLAS) (Dec 16-12) 138: Owen Younger (LAUR) over Mason Donaldson (GLAS) (Fall 1:45) 145: Devon Nesbitt (GLAS) over Aden Winder (LAUR) (Dec 6-0) 152: Colten Fast (GLAS) over Tyler Emineth (LAUR) (TF 17-0 4:18) 160: Damien Nesbitt (GLAS) over Camden Johnson (LAUR) (Fall 5:34) 170: Cole Younger (LAUR) over Kyler Hallock (GLAS) (Fall 4:57) 182: Ethan Nickels (GLAS) over (LAUR) (For.) 205: Dylan Nieskens (GLAS) over Connor Ulschak (LAUR) (TF 16-1 5:13) 285: Mayson Phipps (GLAS) over Gabe Hernandez (LAUR) (Fall 3:06)


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