Laurel time capsule is 100 years in the making

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Who knows what life will be like in 100 years? That is the year 2117.
Will technology continue to expand at the rapid speed it is now? What will be the condition of the planet? Will any of the science fiction books or movies have it right?
While it is hard to say, I wonder what people a century ago thought the year 2017 would resemble? Pretty safe to say, nobody could have predicted the complexities and marvels that exist today.
In 100 years, people opening a time capsule in Laurel, Mont. will have a chance to get their hands on and have some insight about life today.
During the next few weeks, the Laurel Rotary Club will be installing five Welcome to Laurel road signs at each of the entrances to town. The club partnered with the Laurel Lions Club, Jaycees, Chamber of Commerce and the Laurel Airport to construct the unique signs. The city of Laurel and CHS are also helping to complete the project.
Under the Welcome to Laurel sign on Laurel’s east end will also be the home of a time capsule. The capsule – which is really PVC pipe with two screw-in ends that will be sealed with silicone – will be sunk 10 feet into the ground and encased in concrete. There will be a sign reminding the Laurel Rotary Club to unearth the time capsule a century from now.
The Rotarians have been busy soliciting items to go into the capsule, although there is a debate raging about the wisdom of scanning documents into thumb drives.
One can only imagine the looks on peoples’ faces when they try to figure out what these little rectangular shaped objects are and how does one access the information?
Space in the time capsule is very limited. Some of the items already collected include:
• A digital copy of the LHS All Class book – including the Class of 2017.
• A 2017 silver dollar.
• Digital and hard copies of the Laurel Outlook.
• A medallion from the Montana Air National Guard.
• Several coins and bills from 2017.
• An Owl card with all of the spots punched out so someone will receive a free breakfast or lunch.
• A gift card from several local businesses.
• Many business cards with messages written on the back.
• A Laurel Rotary flag.
• History of the Laurel Rotary Club.

The Rotarians are asking anyone interested in writing a note or having items to be considered for the time capsule to drop by the Laurel Outlook.
The Outlook will publish a time capsule edition as close to the sinking of the time capsule in the July 20th edition. We plan to fill the paper with stories, photos and advertising that will help explain what life is like now and some of our predictions.
Laurel’s mayor and other elected officials will have letters to the future and we will have the list of what is in the time capsule, with a few exceptions.
The Rotary Club plans to invite dignitaries, other civic organizations and the public to the event. Immediately before the time capsule is buried, there will be a video and a photo taken of all of the attendees and the flash drive will also be included in the capsule.
The date for the event will be announced next Thursday in this paper.
Why don’t you spend a moment and write a letter to the future? While 100 years is a long time, there are people alive right now who could be there at the opening.
The Outlook would like all submissions for the time capsule edition of the paper by June 30. The Rotarians would also like June 30 for potential submissions to the time capsule.
Just for fun I am going to donate a check written out for $1 million and post date it to July of 2117 and hope that someone at Western Security Bank will have a sense of humor when a future Rotarian tries to cash it.

David Keyes is publisher of the Laurel Outlook.

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