Laurel students poetry published

Despite poet Joyce Kilmer’s admonition that, “I think that I shall never see 

A poem lovely as a tree,” poets such as he continue penning them. A number of Laurel Middle School seventh-grade students recently had their work published in “A Celebration of Poets, Spring 2017 West,” an anthology of poems written by students in eight states in the western United States. 

Sixteen Laurel Middle School students of Lisa Reimer’s had the distinction of being selected for the collection. The poets featured were by Cael McCollum, Grace Negrette, Lauren Johannsen, Pason Gage, Tristen Edstrom, Kyra Bruner, Lauren Taylor, Brenden Zitur, Ava Fox, Madison Peaton,  Lizzie Lehenbauer, Calista Burton, Sarah Thomae, Ashley Rawhouser, Cassie Sampson and Arden Jackson.

Here is a sample of the published poems by Laurel students.


My Dad

My dad is outside

He's in a field with me

We have lacrosse sticks

There's a lacrosse net we are heading towards


We are running on the green grass 


Going closer and closer to the net

We score


We rest

Eating peanut butter bars 


Giving advice to each other


I love my dad

It's fun playing with him

My dad

I love you

By Cael McCollum


If I were a guitar

I'd play the tune from my heart

Oh the stories I'd tell from one simple song

From my journeys that were so long


I'd show off my long curvy body

And my long neck 

I'd make every note sound like a symphony

And make people smile from head to toe


I'd give them a reason to live

And something to live for

I'd make them dance 

And tap their feet to the rhythm


I'd make people stronger

My music would be more than any simple word

Nothing would be said 

But the message would be heard

By Grace Negrette


Tyler is softly brushing his piano keys.

On a cool stage, he is at ease.

There is a single light that shines in a mound.

Other than a repeating major C there is no sound.


With a fiery motion he slams down a few more.

Creating a powerful melody that people adore.

The light switches into a red,

It lands right on top of his pale head.


He gives a signal to the right.

Then Josh begins to play for the rest of the night.

The afternoon has barely departed.

Columbus, Ohio is where it all started.


Tyler inspires me to stay alive,

And to always thrive.

Things may get hard

But you are strong and keep up you guard.


Josh inspires me to do what makes you happy.

It may seem sappy.

But as a fellow sufferer of anxiety

He teaches me how to live in today's society.

By Arden Jackson


Where I Play

When I play, I play on a graveyard

And maybe someone died here in war

Someone who was cared for like any other 

Because anyone worth dying for has something to 

Live for.

When I play, I play on a battlefield

And maybe the battle wasn't won

With guns, knives, or swords

But on the face of the human heart

With words.

When I play, I play on ashes

And maybe the greatness of one thought 

The creation

Upon which war after war was fought for

Was Power.

When I play, I play on thousands of bones

Those which I have never witnessed

And the bones of my people

The bones of others

The bones, which America placed beneath the spot

Where I play.

By Cassie Sampson


My Hero

My sister is my hero.

My sister is my best friend.

My sister is there for me when nobody else is.

My sister is my world.


She begs me to go to every place she goes.

She helps me up when I fall, after laughing of course.

She has passion in everything she does.

She tries her hardest in everything, besides cleaning her room.


My sister and I have gone through rough times.

We were together the whole way through them.

She laughs, she cries and when she does, she is always next to me.

I laugh, I cry and when I do, I am always next to my sister.


My sister is my hero. 

My sister is my best friend

My sister is my world.

My sister is my sister.

By Ashley Rawhouser


My Mom

My mom is cooking dinner when I get home.

I can hear the sizzle of food cooking in the pan.

I can see colorful walls in our one story house.

With furniture in every room.


I run up and give my mom a hug.

All I can smell is the sweet scent of her perfume.

She is as tan as sand.

Her strawberry blond hair is in a pony tail.


When the rest of my family gets home

We eat dinner.

She is the best cook ever.

We eat spaghetti and veggies.


I love my mom.

She is very wonderful.

She is as short as me.

But a tad bit taller.


We have fun together.

We laugh and giggle.

But sometimes we cry.

I love you Mom!

By Sarah Thomae


To the Sea

I am lost at sea

You won't help me

I am alone with the sea


I hate my thoughts

But they are all I have

To occupy me

I am alone with the sea


I cannot see

It is black as night

I live a bleak life

I am alone with the sea


Even though my world

Is dark as dark can be

My family brings light 

Brings joy

To me

And to the sea

By Calista Burton


My Older Self

At college

Waiting to graduate

Lives in an apartment

With a brown comfy couch

And delightful smelling candles


She doesn't just sit

Waiting for life to happen

She makes a difference in this world

She is amazing


She has cute curly hair

With a sweet candy smell

Her hands as soft as velvet

She is my sister

By Lizzie Lehenbauer


Remember Me

My dad is like an angel

My dogs are my escape

My dad’s ashes are the only thing I have

My heart holds the only memories that are left.


That is why I think as I know him

I live in my thoughts 

And eat my sorrow.


It's been so long 

Since the last time I've seen you.

My heart hurts

And I don't know why

I don't remember the last goodbye.


It's been ten years

And I'm still holding on.

Sometimes it's hard to stay strong

But I need to move on.


I want to remember you.

But I need to remind myself

That life's probably better this way.

I hate to think this way,

But I will always remember you.

By Madison Peaton


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