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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Laurel student Sophia Spini won third place in the 60th annual Wildfire Prevention Art Contest.

This year marks Keep Montana Green’s 60th annual Wildfire Prevention Art Contest for Montana students. Artwork from students in Scobey, Froid, and Laurel, Montana were voted statewide winners in the art contest. Taking third place was Sophia Spini, a fourth-grade student at Graff Elementary School. Since KMG’s formation at the end of World War II, the organization has been dedicated to the prevention of human-caused wildfires. Last year, 80 percent of Montana’s wildfires were human caused.

The KMG mission and the goals of the art contest are to promote awareness on how to prevent human-caused wildfires, assist educators with teaching fire safety and prevention, and to utilize the ideas and messages from the art contest in future fire prevention programs. The wildfire prevention art contest theme this year was “Keeping Montana Green.”

“Congratulations to all our 2021 Winners,” says Kristin Sleeper, KMG Executive Director. “This year’s artwork was not only impressive and competitive, but incredibly inspiring! Thank you for your participation and keep up the great work.”

This year, thousands of students across Montana participated in the annual contest. The posters are first judged in regional contests. First, second, and third places are decided and those entries are submitted to the state-level contest, where winners receive cash prizes and special recognition. Special education, coloring book, computer generated, and audiovisual divisions are also judged directly at the state level.

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the art contest, this year’s contest added exciting new changes, including doubling of all prize money for statewide winner competitions, new 2nd and 3rd place overall positions in the statewide competition, and a new Coloring Book Division for this year only. The artwork in the Coloring Book Division will be featured in a special coloring book to commemorate Keep Montana Green’s 75th anniversary.

Statewide winners:

1st Place: Alexa Fishell, 12th grade, Scobey Schools, Scobey, Mont.

2nd Place: Xavier Gregor, 10th grade, Froid High School, Froid, Mont.

3rd Place: Sophia Spini, 4th grade, Fred W. Graff Elementary School, Laurel, Mont.

In the coloring book division Ali Michelle Krause, an eighth-grade student at Laurel Middle School received an honorable mention.

Congratulations to all the artists working to Keep Montana Green!


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