Laurel needs a few good men/women!

Kathy Herr of Laurel
Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Reader’s Viewpoint

Will you be On (the) Board? Two positions for School Board will be on the ballot in May. This is an opportunity for qualified citizens

of Laurel to lend their voice and time to impact the direction of the Laurel School District. It is all about making history. Will we be intentionally or by default making decisions for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

Now is the time to be on the ground floor in decisions for the Laurel School District. The community of Laurel is growing exponentially. The present schools are overcrowded and in need of

upgrades in all areas. Families are moving here and adding to the enrollment…daily!

The job of Trustee is one that has great responsibility and impact

both now and in the future. It can be a thankless job, depending on what the issues are and who one talks to. It can also be a very rewarding job for the same reasons. It is not a position for anyone

who has an “ax to grind” as the Board operates as a unit where ideas are discussed and voted on. There is required training and

workshops that help one understand the complex system of school

districts. It is time consuming, with Board Meetings twice a month

and committee meetings when scheduled. Also visits to each school at least once a year and giving Christmas goodies to a designated

school staff for each Board member.

The decisions to run a levy or bond issue are extremely difficult

as we weigh the pros and cons of the community of Laurel and the issue of Legislative holdbacks of funding and protested taxes by

CHS. There is an impact!

It is an honor to serve on this Board. We as citizens have a right

to be a part of the direction of Laurel. Please consider running for

a position on the Laurel School Board. The more candidates who

apply give the voter a greater choice in exercising the right to vote,

otherwise candidates are automatically appointed. The deadline for filing is March 28th. Contact the Laurel School District Office at

406-628-8623 for more information.

Kathy Herr of Laurel

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