Laurel grapplers head to Divisionals

Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Laurel Senior wrestlers and their manager on senior night. The Locos head to Sidney tomorrow and Saturday for the Divisional Meet. From the left are Nathan Lewis, Levi Numberg, Tyler Emineth, Manager Mazie Hill, Connor Ulschak, Gabe Hernandez and Jonathan Herr. Photo courtesy Wendi Michaelson

As of Feb. 19 the Loco wrestlers are ranked #4 in the State going into Divisionals in the Class A coaches poll. There are also six grapplers ranked in the top–6. The Locos will compete in Sidney in the Eastern A Divisional meet tomorrow and Saturday. The State Class A meet will be in Miles City the following week.

Individual State Rankings:

4. Aston Ulschak, 120 lb.

5. Jonathan Herr, 126 lb.

3. Tyler Eminenth, 152 lb.

6. Cole Younger, 170 lb.

4. Connor Ulschak, 205 lb.

6. Gabe Hernandez, 285 lb.


Late season results

Feb. 20

Laurel (LAUR) 57.0 Columbus / Absarokee / Park City (COAB) 11.0

103: Dylan Wombolt (LAUR) over Seth Kornick (COAB) (Fall 0:30) 113: Peyton Waldo (LAUR) over Wyatt Hood (COAB) (Fall 5:18) 120: Ashton Ulschak (LAUR) over Zach Gee (COAB) (Fall 0:58) 126: Johnathan Herr (LAUR) over (COAB) (For.) 132: Kade Wersland (LAUR) over (COAB) (For.) 138: Owen Younger (LAUR) over Weston Timberman (COAB) (Dec 5-4) 145: Brady Ellison (COAB) over Aden Winder (LAUR) (TF 16-0 4:35) 152: Tyler Emineth (LAUR) over Trey Johannes (COAB) (Fall 2:51) 160: Camden Johnson (LAUR) over (COAB) (For.) 170: Cole Younger (LAUR) over Colby Coleman (COAB) (Fall 2:51) 182: Double Forfeit 205: Connor Ulschak (LAUR) over Robbie Vergara (COAB) (Fall 1:02) 285: Kalob Archibeque (COAB) over Cade McAllister (LAUR) (Fall 0:52)


Laurel (LAUR) 31.0 Huntley Project (HPW) 30.0

103: Teagan Anderson (HPW) over Dylan Wombolt (LAUR) (Dec 7-2) 113: Gavin Nedens (HPW) over Peyton Waldo (LAUR) (Fall 4:16) 120: Ashton Ulschak (LAUR) over Cooper Lane (HPW) (Dec 6-0) 126: Johnathan Herr (LAUR) over Parker Craig (HPW) (Dec 10-7) 132: Ashton Christman (HPW) over Kade Wersland (LAUR) (Dec 2-0) 138: Owen Younger (LAUR) over Eli Broadbrooks (HPW) (Fall 5:18) 145: Aden Winder (LAUR) over Hayden Anderson (HPW) (Fall 1:42) 152: Tyler Emineth (LAUR) over Garrett Sholley (HPW) (MD 15-4) 160: Camden Johnson (LAUR) over Wylee Lindeen (HPW) (Fall 5:59) 170: Cole Younger (LAUR) over William Loveridge (HPW) (SV-1 2-0) 182: Hunter Dare (HPW) over (LAUR) (For.) 205: Stran Selman (HPW) over Connor Ulschak (LAUR) (Fall 2:55) 285: Gunnar Oblander (HPW) over Cade McAllister (LAUR) (Fall 2:06)


Feb. 17 at Hardin Laurel (LAUR) 61.0 Hardin (HARD) 5.0

103: Dylan Wombolt (LAUR) over Caton Buckner (HARD) (Fall 1:09) 113: Peyton Waldo (LAUR) over (HARD) (For.) 120: Ashton Ulschak (LAUR) over Chase Wells (HARD) (Fall 0:44) 126: Johnathan Herr (LAUR) over (HARD) (For.) 132: Sean Mehling (HARD) over Kade Wersland (LAUR) (TF 17-0 5:14) 138: Owen Younger (LAUR) over Miles Wells (HARD) (Fall 2:37) 145: Aden Winder (LAUR) over Jackson Baker (HARD) (Fall 0:38) 152: Tyler Emineth (LAUR) over Kayden Howe (HARD) (MD 13-4) 160: Camden Johnson (LAUR) over Jace Guptill (HARD) (Dec 9-5) 170: Cole Younger (LAUR) over Paul Little Light (HARD) (Fall 3:57) 205: Connor Ulschak (LAUR) over Dante Pallone (HARD) (Fall 1:33) 285: Cade McAllister (LAUR) over (HARD) (For.)



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