Latest bowling scores posted: November 5, 2019

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Following are high-game and high-series scores from last week at Fat Cat Lanes.

Rockcreek: Cindy Johnson 196, 480

Guys and Gals Women: Karen Cahill 200, Patti Vandercook 522

Guys and Gals Men: Skylar Oak 243, 668

American: Chris Guidry 244, 723

Pintoppers: Shawn Curry 192, 520

Fat Cat Seniors Women: Teresa Gremmer 199, 553

Fat Cat Seniors Men: Don Stewart 206, Mitch Werner 538

Holy Rollers Women: Gail Steinmetz 194, 517

Holy Rollers Men: Paul Steinmetz 215, Patrick Brown 576

47th Annual Holiday Doubles Weekend 1 (out of 3)

1st Bryant and Matt Ingold 1541

2nd Jon Gallagher and Brett Barker 1532

3rd Denton Schillreff and Dave Winslow 1529

4th Seven Wrzesinski and Skylar Oak 1516


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