Latest bowling scores posted: February 28, 2021

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Following are high-game and high-series scores from last week at Fat Cat Lanes.

Rockcreek: Joyce Lorash 220, 587

Guys and Gals Women: Heather Gonzalez 234, Donna Mitchell 554

Guys and Gals Men: Jeff Leistkio 234, 660

American: Blaine Dahle 248, 662

Pintoppers: Michele Oak 222, 632

Thursday Mixers Women: Terry Visser 201, Judy Burke 514

Thursday Mixers Men: Brett Barker 236, 640

National: Stacy Fox 243, 679

Fat Cat Seniors Women: Teresa Gremmer 222, Donna Mitchell 494

Fat Cat Seniors Men: Don Stewart 214, 589

Holy Rollers Women: Alex Gaglia 197, Nichole Brown 516

Holy Rollers Men: Bret Flynn 242, 636

Youth 11 And Under

Girls: Claire Devaney 145, 364

Boys: Ryker Crookston 168, 376

Youth 12 and Over

Girls:Brooklyn Emineth 128, 371

Boys: Maverick Hoppman 221, 605



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