Latest bowling scores: October 10, 2019

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Following are high-game and high-series scores from last week at Fat Cat Lanes.


Rockcreek: Debbie Hull 201; Cindy Johnson 501

Guys and Gals Women: Heather Gonzalez 190, 473

Guys and Gals Men: Jeff Leistkin 214, 585

American: Shad Waddell 235; Craig Hohn 615

Pintoppers: Kimber Crookston 213, 513

Thursday Mixers Women: Shelle Barker 199, 537

Thursday Mixers Men: Kevin Kautz 246, 676

National: Marcus Miller 267; Tyson Kanuit 691

Fat Cat Seniors Women: Judy Burke 185; Donna Mitchell 510

Fat Cat Seniors Men: Mitch Werner 213, 554

Holy Rollers Women: Gail Steinmetz 193, 525

Holy Rollers Men: Cameron Schwartz 246; Bret Flynn 640


Youth 11 and Under

Girls: Harol Wrzesinski 132, 363

Boys: Matthew Emineth 122, Michael Hughes 263


Youth 12 and Under

Girls: Sawyer Oak 181, 452

Boys: Kellen Wrzesinski 167, 433


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