Krause responds to Hansen’s letter responding to Hollowell letter

Thursday, November 8, 2018

While I too am happy to live in a country where I can speak my mind, I think it is important to be sure of what you are saying to be as close to accurate as possible. I must respond to Ms. Hanson’s letter.

I have cried several times over name calling on someone and I can assure you that if someone had been speaking about my family as were those who were speaking of Judge Kananaugh, I too would be very emotional, but does that make him an unqualified judge, certainly not and his record shows that. I also don’t think these US Senators were doing their Constitutional job by holding a “letter” that was given to them in July until the hearing. The sad part about that was that none of the allocations were confirmed by any of the witnesses so this man’s reputation was destroyed for something that could not be proved.

The Social Security issue responsibility is shared by both parties and I believe each were in control of Congress when it was used for government spending so to accuse the Republican’s of this is completely unfair to anyone. The Congress is made up of people who have made this their occupation and it was not designed by our forefathers to be that way. Thus these people vote for whatever their lobbyist friends want in order for them to continue to get rich. If you were to take all those out of Congress with more than 20 years there, no one but perhaps a handful would remain. This is why term limits are crucial. A man once said to me in a conversation about this that, “ we have term limits. Quit voting for the same jerk over and over.” Anyone having more than three terms should not be re-elected and if that were done, they would remember for whom they work instead of working for what they can receive.

Our job as Americans is to do whatever we can to keep this country the great one that our forefathers designed it to be. Did I approve of Obama, absolutely not, but did I protest calling him a liar and threatening his life or the life of his cabinet and other Senators, absolutely not. Did he lie, yes, we all know he did. This President works 18 to 20 hours a day. Does he say things after being up that long, yes until he speaks to his advisors. We elected him because we are sick of politicians. Is he cozy with dictators, no. He is a negotiator and probably the best in the world. That is why he is a millionaire and won’t take pay for this job, has an incredible love for this nation so is willing to take abuse while receiving no thanks for what he has done and will do.

While there is enough blame to go around, our legislators’ job is to do what is best for the state they represent and in most cases that is not being done because they have forgotten for whom they work and are working to make themselves wealthy. And now they are accusing our President of sending these bombs to their fellow Democrats. Shame on them and shame on us for continuing to vote for these people. What has happened to this country where people are no longer able to disagree without being threatened with their lives.

Gail Krause


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