Kerns maligns, vilifies Dems to get voters to go for Trump in 2020

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

I’m a country kid and the first shoots of green grass boosts my mood and the worse the winter, the better the spring. Here in mid-April, my stock tanks are overflowing, there is more daylight than darkness and daytime temperatures are kind. I am living the dream. Here is how my spring time optimism relates to politics.

An enormous canyon separates America’s two main political parties. The Republican Party is founded on liberty, limited government, free markets, and equality of opportunity. Most on the right know we are a republic. Sadly, there are outliers in the GOP who hold compromise as the supreme virtue, and they will capitulate to the progressives anytime and anywhere.

The Democrat Party is founded on dependency, massive government, free stuff and equality of outcome. Their power comes from mob-rule and they purposely and erroneously proclaim our nation is a democracy. They are a like-minded block, so outliers do not exist. Democrats view the great unwashed as lost, ignorant, and incompetent. Government is their god; abortion their sacrament. Because the ruling class views the little people from a masterslave perspective, guess which one are you? Here is how this ideological division played out in my life.

I graduated from a small Wyoming high school in 1975, the University of Wyoming in 1979, and vet school at Colorado State University in 1983. My eight years in academia insulated me from the hyperinflation and high unemployment of the Carter years. However, I vividly remember the helplessness President Carter displayed as Iranian terrorists repeatedly rubbed American noses in the dirt. Ronald Reagan burst into the presidency in 1981 and leftists and media propagandists hated him. Rather than serving to obtain their favor, his loyalty was to liberty and restoration of the American spirit. Reagan made it felt great to be an American again.

Three presidents later, we elected a commander-in-chief who viewed our country with utter disgust. Ours is the greatest nation in history, we should never apologize for being an American, yet this was President Obama’s underlying belief. The worse the winter, the better the spring and along came Donald Trump. Even though media propagandists, ruling class Democrats, deep state bureaucrats, and progressive Republicans despise him, his love of country is unwavering. This brings me to my point. The wagon load of 2020 Democrat presidential candidates all hate America and the principles for which she stands. They are Obama clones and we do not want to go there. Re-elect President Trump so it continues to be springtime in America.


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