Kerns’ blinders block real vision

Thomas E. Towe of Billings
Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Reader’s Viewpoint

Krayton Kerns April 25th Ramblings prompted me to think of blinders.  People familiar with a time when horses were common in use for agriculture and transportation can remember how often blinders were used for unruly horses.  By keeping the horse from seeing anything but what the driver wanted the horse to seestraight ahead—the horse was easier to control.  After all a frightened horse who took off running could be a serious danger.  As a veterinarian, I suspect former Representative Kerns knows what these blinders are. People who hold views like former Representative Kerns are people wearing blinders.  They can only see what their mentors want them to see.  They get all their news from social media sources that are like-minded and from Fox News.  Thus, they fail to see what is really happening in the world.    They fail to see corruption all around Trump. They fail to see that accepting help in an election from a foreign government, particularly adversaries like Russia, is wrong. They fail to see that appointing the nation’s strongest critics to cabinet positions of Departments these critics criticize and often hate is not good government. They fail to see that Trump has nearly doubled the budget deficit of this country and the total public debt has increase by over $4 trillion since he took office. They fail to see that Trump’s tax cut bill gave huge (permanent) tax breaks to the wealthy and only a few crumbs (temporarily) to the low and middle income Americans. This was done primarily to obtain a political victory—the economy was doing just fine without it. They fail to see that breaking and refusing to take part in international agreements and taking bellicose stands on foreign policy have removed America from its leadership role in the world.  They fail to see that repealing and relaxing environmental laws and rules will only make life in America and in the world more difficult and less desirable in the future.  They fail to see climate change is a scientific reality that needs to be dealt with now.  My advice to Krayton Kerns and others who have similar views of our body politic is, “take off your blinders so you can see how much damage President Trump and his political base has done to America, our democracy, and the Republican party.”

Thomas E. Towe of Billings                                                                                


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