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Kathleen Gilluly Laurel Outlook Editor And General Manager
Thursday, April 9, 2020

Earlier today, my mind wandered to my backyard where I’d like to do some projects like install a multi-colored rock pathway through my flower and vegetable gardens. I feel like I should be able to accomplish jobs that I’ve been putting off around the house now, like so many others are as they shelter in place. But, I am still working, and at work today. Instead of day dreaming I should be doing my job. Unfortunately, I am finding it very difficult to focus and stay on task. I’m fidgety, frequently checking the news and getting tasks done sporadically. And, truthfully, it’s the same at home.

According to the experts, none of us should be too hard on ourselves during this crisis. We should recognize this new stressor in our lives and acknowledge that life may never be the same. I may not be able to spend winters in Mexico during my retirement, or be able to buy a few acres and a mule to start my mini farm, or ever be able to retire at all.

All I can do is make a commitment to try to be my best for my friends and family right now, even if that means avoiding them. It doesn’t mean I always will be my best. But, I’ll try.

Depending on our individual circumstances, your best may look better than mine. Maybe you can focus on home schooling or getting projects completed while dealing with an uncertain future. Or maybe you are struggling more, burdened by mental health, financial, housing or food crises in the midst of this pandemic. Maybe just trying to cope is all you can manage. As long as you get that I’m trying, I’ll take it to heart that you are too.

Hopefully, someone is there for you (even at a distance), but if not, please reach out for help. Call the Outlook at 628-4412 and we will direct you to appropriate resources, or otherwise do what we can. That’s the best we can do.

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