Joliet volleyball runners–up at Divisionals

Chris Mcconnell
Thursday, November 12, 2020

After defeating Huntley Project to win districts, the J–Hawks lost in the championship match at Divisionals to finish in 2nd. Now they head to the State B tournament in Shelby starting today where they will face Fairfield at 4 p.m. in the opening round.


Nov. 5

Joliet defeats Whitehall

(25-18, 25-10, 25-9)

Kills: 32- Makenna Bushman-9, Skyler Wright-9

Assists: 29- Merrin Schwend-26

Blocks: 3- Skyler Wright-1, Makenna Bushman-1

Digs: 46- Skyler Wright-11, Merrin Schwend-7, Makenna Bushman-7

Aces: 11- Makenna Bushman-3, Caitlin Miller-2, Savana Warburton-2, Kylia Kliner-2


Joliet Defeats Colstrip

(24-26, 25-18, 25-21, 25-18)

Kills: 42- Makenna Bushman-20, Kyelynn Coombe-7, Skyler Wright-7

Assists: 32- Merrin Schwend-29

Blocks: 6- Kyelynn Coombe-2

Digs: 63- ChelSea DuBeau-13, Makenna Bushman-13

Aces: 6- ChelSea DuBeau-3


Nov. 6

Huntley Defeats Joliet-Undefeated Semis

(25-16, 25-18, 22-25, 25-17)

Kills: 41- Makenna Bushman -14, Skyler Wright-11

Assists: 34- Merrin Schwend-33

Blocks: 8- Makenna Bushman-2.5, Kyelynn Coombe-2, Chel-Sea DuBeau-2

Digs: 91- Makenna Bushman-20, Skyler Wright-20, ChelSea DuBeau-14

Aces: 4- Makenna Bushman-2


Nov. 7

Joliet Defeats Colstrip for 2nd

(22-25. 25-21. 25-14, 25-20)

Kills: 45- Makenna Bushman-18, Skyler Wright-14, ChelSea DuBeau-10

Assists: 40- Merrin Schwend-40

Blocks: 8.5- Kyelynn Coombe-3, Skyler Wright-2.5

Digs: 77- Skyler Wright-26, Makenna Bushman-18, Kyelynn Coombe-11,

ChelSea DuBeau-11

Aces: 9- Kyelynn Coombe-4


Championship game-Huntley defeats Joliet

(25-23, 25-19, 25-20)

Kills: 28- Makenna Bushman-10, Skyler Wright-10

Assits: 27- Merrin Schwend-27

Blocks: 12- Kyelynn Coombe-3.5, Makenna Bushman-3.5, Skyler Wright-3

Digs: 76- ChelSea DuBeau-15, Makenna Bushman-14, Skyler Wright-13

Aces: 2- ChelSea DuBeau-1, Makenna Bushman-1



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