Joliet Schools release second quarter honor roll

Thursday, February 6, 2020


4.0 - Jordan Grewell and Joelle Luoma.

3.5–3.99 - Andrea Icelic, Tysa Oswald and Zane Songstad.

3.0–3.49 - Caleb Bailey, Hailey Metcalf, Brooke Miller, Cassidy Richardson, Annalea Seymour, Brigham Smith and Shayla Webber.



4.0 - Kylia Kliner.

3.5–3.99 - Makenna Bushman, Victoria Peek and Skyler Wright.

3.0–3.49 - Connor Coate, Merrin Schwend, Riley Simons and Jalyn Songstad



4.0 - Olivia Collins and Rockwood Frank.

3.0–3.49 - Breanna Blain, Kyelynn Coombe, Mya Colvin, Jackson Creeden, Tiffany Hernandez, Thaddeus Miller, Brook Russell, Peyton Whitehead, Emelia Wood and Norman Wootton.



4.0 - Carson May and Maya Roginske.

3.5–3.99 - Delaney Bauwens, Ethan Boone, Jase Breding, Tucker Carpenter, Tyson Cook, Jenny Harris, Cloey Jennison, Jaiden Kellogg–Brill, Zoe Larson, Paxton McQuillan, Caitlin Miller, Tory Oswald, Emmet Peabody, Melanie Peek, Samantha Seright and Bryce Williams.

3.0–3.49 - Seth Bailey, Kaitlyn Bancroft, Morgan Bray, Annika Bushman, Christopher Cox, Cameron Erickson, Caden Fox, Brendan Graeber, Sarah Hernandez and Paul Just.


8th grade

4.0 - Benjamin Miller and Shelby Sticka.

3.5–3.99 - Brody Gebhardt, Kasey Killion, Tucker Lind, Maren Walstad and Haylie Wood.

3.0–3.49 - Katie Brasher, Chevelle Bergum, Kallie Carpenter, Townes Catron, Kinley Erickson, Shiyan Kirby, Dymond McKay, Thomas Miller, Luke Prewitt and Savana Warburton.


7th grade

3.5–3.99 - Allyn Carpenter, Cori Coombe, Thorlan Finley, Keith Frank, Addison Hall, Grady Nardinger, Brooke Nowak, Colton Woodard.

3.0–3.49 - Brody Anderson, Avery Bauwens, Cloee Blain, Mesa Clark, Grace Collins, Mitchell Dye, Gavin Everrtz, Emma Horn, Kaden Juhnke, Taylor Koch, Aiden Songstad, Adelynn Urenda, Nate Weber and Ethan Welch.


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