Jenny Jones

Thursday, April 21, 2022
Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones

Name: Jenny Jones

Profession: Administrator for an engineering company in Billings

Why are you running for the Laurel School Board?

One of the things that spurred me was I never wanted my kindergartener to wear a mask all day. I believe that parents should decide what is best for their kids in the area of culture or health. Schools need to stick to history, English, math and science and be welcoming to all.

What would you like voters to know about you?

I’m a strong conservative that believes in upholding parental rights. Public schools should be a place of learning without a cultural or political agenda. What do you believe is the biggest issue facing the Laurel School District? Bullying. It all comes down to communication. The parents have the most consequential influence on their children. They are with them most of the time. We need to communicate with parents what the rules are.

What are your strengths that you would bring to a trustee position?

I speak up for what is on my mind. I’m not going to just sit there. I will think about all the angles. I am organized and I will look at risk management and budget before making a decision. I work with budgets at my job. We are going to be making some big decisions here with buildings and funding. I think I’m a good listener and a good communicator. If anybody wants to talk to me, I am open.

What is the Laurel School District’s greatest strength?

Our biggest strength is our students. We have such a great group of kids and such a great community. It’s our job and responsibility to give them the best education possible.



What are you more likely to buy your valentine this year?

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