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School board members need to put aside differences
Dak Fike
Laurel Trustee
Thursday, September 17, 2020

In the September 3rd Laurel Outlook, I along with my fellow board members were called ‘corrupt’ for ‘obvious violations of law.’ I have to take exception to that statement because it is simply false.

I have no personal vendetta against Mr. Creeden. I was sworn in this year on the school board and did not know any of the board members very well. In fact, most of them I had never met before becoming a member of the board.

Mr. Creeden is quick to bring up his interpretations of the law but is unwilling to listen to any legal advice given from MTSBA (Montana School Boards Association) lawyers on their interpretation of the law when it does not agree with his. This applies to his bringing up Board Policy 1425 and him not voting on High School issues and currently with him voting ‘no’ on High School only issues. He seems to have a ‘personal agenda/interest’ and not the best interest of our students that he was elected to serve. He will give you just enough information to seem like he is in the ‘right’ but he is not willing to give you the whole story. It seems Mr. Creeden creates his own conflict and then tries to be the ‘hero’ in resolving the very conflict that he created.

One example: When abstaining from votes on High School issues he states his information came from the MTSBA lawyers, but here is an excerpt from those same lawyers … “Sections 20-3-351 and 352, MCA, are the statutes that govern the make-up of a high school district board of trustees. Under Section 20-3- 351, MCA, the high school board consists of the trustees of the elementary district where the high school building is located and the representatives of the other elementary districts located within the high school district. A trustee who resides in the elementary district is a member of the high school board and will be expected to vote and participate in all matters before the board of trustees during a school board meeting ... The legal staff at MTSBA is consistent on this matter.” So now Mr. Creeden has since just started voting ‘no’ on all High School matters before the board with a comment that he resides in the elementary district.

I have never felt that Board Chair, Karen Teeters, ‘is in charge of the District’ but have felt that she is just doing her duty as Board Chair in running the meeting to her best ability according to board policy.

My hope is we can put all personal agendas/issues behind us, be adults, talk it out instead of filing frivolous lawsuits and do what is best for the kids of the district.

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