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Kathleen Gilluly
Outlook Editor
Thursday, November 12, 2020

I wish the best for Governor-elect Gianforte, Sen. Daines and Congressman-elect Rosendale. May they embrace Montana values and represent us all faithfully in their jobs.

I know a great many of my fellow Montanans are worried

I know a great many of my fellow Montanans are worried about the election of Joe Biden. But, while this may be a time of change, America will be stronger because of it. The President-elect isn’t a socialist, a new green dealer or anti-business, despite ads depicting him otherwise. Look at his record. We will again have a steady hand on the wheel, directing us back to fiscal conservancy and social compassion. Let’s work together on the things we agree on and agree to ignore the voices of doom and misery.


• Finally, we will get a science-based approach and guidance for handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

• No one is going to take our guns. We don’t even have to lock them up, although we probably should.

• Montana is never going to look like Portland. Those agitators who have destroyed property should be prosecuted. But, peaceful protests are legitimate and protected by the U.S. Constitution.

• The police and emergency responders will be funded and hopefully more resources will be provided for dealing with the mentally ill in crisis.

• One of the first orders of business must be to reunite the families separated at the border. All people held in cages must be released. America is better than that and it’s time to show the world we care.

• As I write this, it is Veterans Day. We must stop deporting veterans! I served alongside foreign nationals who joined our military because they believe in America. They should be allowed to stay.

Of course, my list isn’t extensive. I hope the Biden presidency also addresses climate change, social and economic equality, protecting public lands, creating good paying jobs and opportunities for all and ensuring health care is available to anyone who needs it.

But mostly, I am looking forward to an end to the chaos, to our leaders having and following policy, working well with our allies and neighbors and an end to the division that created enemies out of friends.

(This is solely my opinion; it isn’t even shared by most in my office, as they like to remind me!)


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