Hunting trip reboots my hard drive

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, November 1, 2018
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Krayton Kerns

Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

I reboot my internal hard drive by going off-grid every hunting season. This year I scored a cow elk tag in a Missouri Breaks district new to me, so I was as mesmerized exploring the area as were Lewis and Clark. Unlike the Discovery Corps, my onX Hunt app revealed what features lay over each divide, but satellite photos never do justice to God’s handiwork. Five friends with whom I have hunted for 35 years joined me, along with my son, Tyler. It was a relaxing and memorable four days.

Early Sunday morning the moon had set, and Tyler and I were riding a couple new ponies down the Alkali Creek divide under a canopy of billions of sparkling stars. It is humbling to be such a tiny speck in God’s magnificent creation, yet know he intentionally made me for His purpose. Those who coldly dismiss the vastness of the night sky as happenstance have never run the numbers because believing something could spontaneously form from nothing is mathematically impossible. Our universe and everything in it exist by the will of God.

After riding an hour, we reached a high bluff, swung off and waited for daylight. When it came, I spotted a small group of elk two miles to the east, so Tyler and I jumped back into the saddle and began loping towards them concealing ourselves behind a ridgetop. After a mile, we tied our horses to a tree and trotted off on foot. Three deep canyons later, we crept up the backside of a bald knob figuring we were as close as we could get. The sun’s glare and the tall grass obscured my sight picture, so I repositioned and frantically rubbed the dust and fog from my scope. I steadied my 300 mag. across my hunting pack, focused on one cow and gently squeezed the trigger. My Browning A-Bolt barked and launched a 180-grain projectile at her chest. Many times, I can hear the bullet hit but this time, I did not. Ten seconds after impact, the cow’s front legs buckled, and she tumbled down the hillside.

My group hunted for two more days but the last two cow tags were never filled, and this brings me to my point. It was great to be off-grid for four days and escape the incessant, ridiculous political ads targeting undecided voters. If you cast your ballot based on these last-minute, annoying, attack ads you are part of the problem. Try this: Get informed early, vote a straight Republican absentee ballot, and then go hunting.


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