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West School 2nd Grade Turkey Recipes
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Mr. Arneson


• 30 pound turkey

• PePer and Salt

• Stuffing

• Gravey

• 5 table Spoons

1. get a big bowl.

2. Stir the Stuffing and gravey together.

3. Preaheat oven to 212 degrees.

4. Whash turkey with hot water.

5. Put turkey in oven on Pan till brown and crispy.

Kylie W.

• 10 pound turkey

• dough

• green pepper

• butter

• egg’s

• gravy

• mash

• broccolli

1. Wrap Turkey in dough.

2. Place pepper’s on Turkey

3. melted butter drizzle on turkey

4. grind mash

5. crac 3 egg’s

6. Place broccolli on Turkey

7. make gravy

8. Preheat Oven to 350 digrez

9. make Turkey at 350 digrez

Greyson Sprandel

• turkey

• gravy

• butter

• pePPer

• Stuffing

• mash

• sauSe

• seaSoning

1. Buy a twenty Pound turkey

2. get a bowl

3. tern on the ovin to 112 degrees

4. opin the ovin

5. Put the turKey in the ovin

Mrs. Contreraz


• Turkey

• Salt

• Pepper

• Butter The oven will be at 11°. I will cook the turkey for 30 minutes Long. Then I will add the ingredents and put them in the turkey Then finally eat.


• Turkey

• Butter

• Sauce

• Seasoning

• Bacon First you cock it at 30° and for 30 min - utes. clean it out and then you put the bacon on the turkey bofor you cook it. Then you put sauce and then you put seasoning on it. Then you eat it. It was “good”!


• turkey

• eggs

• sausage

1. take the juice out

2. cook at 29°

3. I take it out at 2:30

4. I put it in at 1:30

5. I put the eggs and sausage in the Tur - key

6. Then eat it

Mr. Grutsch

Aria Means

• 10 cupcakes

• rugh turkey

• snow

• 1 book

• 100 candy

• a clover

• 1 caerit

• 1 star

• dog frurv

1. frist the turkey.

2. put the snow in.

3. put in the cupcake.

4. 1 book Gose in.

5. Candy Gose in.

6. the Clover Gose in.

7. the star Gose in.

8. the Caerit Gose in.

9. put the dog fure in.

10. then put it in the Ovin.


• turky hand in turky.

• rip out the bones of it

• and oven is required

• and sos if you want

• and theres your turky. Okay first im sure you put your turky in a rocket to save it. If you did not then do it! Okey slap in your oven and scream! because it takes forever! And when you have your turky your done!

Deeani Bailey

• turkey

• thrumomuder

• boling water

• turkey sos

• peper, salt

• boole

• Stufing Step 1. Put turkey in boling water. Step 2. Put thrumomuder in turkey. Step 3. Take turkey out. Step 4. Put stufing in it. Step 5. Put salt, peper on it. Step 6. Take thromider out. Step 7. eat!!!

Mrs. Lavold


• You have to have a turkey

• A little bit of pepper.

• And vegetables.

• A pot.

• A littel bit of salt.

• And a bit of seasonings. You need to have the temperature at 440°. And always have a smile! And water and your family. Put your turkey in Water.


• turkey

• stuffing

• salt and pepper

• potato

• gravy for stuffing

• carrot

• chicken for stuffing

• all ready to cook Befor you cook put some grease on the turkey and a little seasoning you are all read to cook. Cook at about twenty degrees and then you have Thanksgiv - ing dinner! Happy thanksgiving!


• turkey

• seasonings

• an oven

• a timer Set it in the oven for 350°. Set the timer for an hour. every 10 minutes take the Juice on the Sides and put it on the Tur - key.

Mrs. Meadows

Joshua Johnson

• 2 gallon of Sugar

• 5 TBSps of Salt

• 20 quarts of lemons

• 1 watermelen

• 2 Cups of Butter

1. Pre Heat oven to 60° F.

2. mix fruit and watermeli

3. Put Turkey in a Oven.

4. Coot it for 25 hours.

5. Take Turkey Out of oven

6. Put it in Sink.

7. Enjoy

Olive Hilliard

• 1 turkey

• 2 tsps of salt

• cook it at 100 degrees

• 1 tsps of peper jelly

• 6 gallons of smashed bananas

1. preheat oven to °F/C

2. Mix the salt with pepe

3. put turkey in a pan.

4. COOK it for 1 hour.

5. take it out of they oven and put it in the tub.

6. eat!

Grant Denz

• 1 turkey

• 2 tbsps garlic

• 4 cups huekleberries

• 5 tsps pepper

• 7 lemons

• 1 gallon whip cream

1. Preheat oven to 350°.

2. 7 lemon Juics

3. put turkey in a plate

4. cook it for 2 hours

5. Take Turkey and put it on a plate.

Mrs. Musfeldt

Abegail Hudson

• turkey

• tempincher stick

• grease holder

• croptop

• hot water Put seven glasses of water in the crop top temincher to ninty dugres. put the turkey in the crop top after therty minits. get the grease out of the pot then your turkey is redy.

Raleigh Mora

• turkey meat.

• hot water

1. You stick it in the oven.

2. When it dings take it out.

Kaleigh’s Robertson’s

• peper

• salt

• turkey Put it in the oven. Then cook it for 4 hour’s probably. When it is done I would say put peper on it. Then salt maybe. Then eat it.

Ms. Salo


• A Turkey

• Solt and peper

• bbq sos

• maby vechduvls

First buy a turkey. Then put bbq sos

on the turkey. Ad Solt and peper.

Then if you wont ad vechduvls. Put

it in the uvin for 2 or 3 hours.



• Turkey

• Ole

• Stufing and pinapl

• tow drops of goes

First Step is turkey and then Step

tow is Ole and Step three

Stufing and pinaple and

then tow drops of goes.


1. Turkey.

2. Oyll.

3. filing.

4. Puttayto. You put the turkey in the uven. and then you tayck it and put the filing in the turkey. and put the Puttayto in the Tur - key. then you put the Turkey on the tayble.

Mrs. Smith

Emersen H.

1. Salt

2. pepper

3. sees–in–ning

4. garlick salt

5. cetch–up to eat

6. you need Lefovers so you can make turky pie. First you shoot a turkey. then you cut the head, legas and tail off. Next you cleen it. Olso you roast it for 4 houeres. Last you put salt and pepper on it. One way to cook a turkey.


• salt

• peppre

• apple

• carrot Shoot a turkey then put in bag. go to house then skin it. then put on salt pep - per apple carrot. then cook it in the ofin. Then eat it and injoy yore famliey.


• a turkey

• some spice

• dressing

• some filling This is how to cook a turkey. First, you hav to get a turkey. you can buy one or you can hunt one. Second, some spice like pepper or dressing like cranberry sauce. Then you cook it and when it is done you eat it. I hope you liked my directions.


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