Honor war dead by rejecting socialism

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, May 30, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

My middle-school coaching years taught me not to worry about losing the lead early in a basketball game because then you have plenty of time to comeback. If you are down 20 before the end of the first quarter, your opponent is in real trouble, or so I told my players. Our record was less than stellar, and other than red ribbons and participation trophies our display case was mostly empty. This same principle applies to politics with recent surveys suggesting freedom-loving patriots are far, far behind the progressives. We have plenty of time to regain the lead, but I pray our success will be greater in the political arena than mine was courtside.

A Gallup poll says 40 percent of Americans embrace socialism. Figuratively, our republic is down 20, so we patriots must launch a comeback fitting the lyrics penned in the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Even though socialism has failed miserably throughout history, leftists dismiss its predictable collapse as due to inadequacies in implementation rather than its inherent flaw. To the contrary, freedom and free-market capitalism has been a raging success everywhere it is tried. Far more people have been lifted from poverty due to freedom and equality of opportunity than due to free-stuff and government enforced equality of outcome. This truth escapes the 40 percent dreaming of a mythical socialist utopia and here is why.

Socialist baby-boomers came of age in the drug, sex and rock and roll culture of the 1960s. They grew up protesting the establishment and remained doing so even after becoming part of it. Tantrums is all they know. Not surprisingly, the genx, gen-y and millennials raised by leftist baby-boomers are similarly disinformed and disenfranchised. Across the generations, there are patriot outliers who are successful because they believe in faith, family and freedom, but their numbers are few. If 40 percent of Americans are already socialists at heart, it won’t take many border jumpers to boost that number above 50 percent and morph our republic into an evil, socialist democracy and this brings me to my point.

I will never compromise on what I know to be true; never capitulate on the proven principles of liberty set forth by our nation’s founders. An attaboy and a pat on the back from progressives to appear to be working together diminishes the sacrifice of the 666,441 American veterans who died on the battlefield preserving our freedom. Honor their sacrifice this Memorial Day by rejecting socialism.


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