Help for Ukraine

Reader’s Viewpoint
Thursday, March 31, 2022

Ukraine is pleading for a no-fly zone over their besieged country. It is understandable that the NATO countries are hesitant to provoke combat and sending aircraft over Ukraine would almost assuredly result in combat.

On the other hand, Putin is guilty of perpetrating an attack on and Independent Country and causing destructuction and mayhem to innocent humans. Surely any free country has the right to offer aid to another country if the assisting government feels compelled to do so.

I propose that Democracies such as the UK, France, America, Canada, Norway –who are physically removed from Russian ground forces and artillery-- do in fact send Air Power over Ukraine. Their mission would be entirely separate from NATO action and of course limited to Ukraine borders. Surveillance aircraft (AWACS in US terminology) would detect aggressor airplanes and these protective aircraft would first warn the aggressor and if necessary, fire upon them. At no time would the enforceing aircraft fire upon ground targets nor enter Russian Airspace.

Greg Childs


The Laurel Outlook


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