Gun safety is a euphemism used by Democrats

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, October 4, 2018
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

Archie Bunker claimed gold fish were the perfect pet because “you don’t have to walk them, they don’t shed and long before you get tired of them, they die.” Leftist haters will miss my point, so they should immediately turn to the classifieds. Open-minders are free to continue. The truth is, with the exceptions of parrots and turtles, pets age faster than humans so you could own a pickup load of different dogs and cats over your life. This human / pet lifespan discrepancy means you will make decisions regarding your pet’s final remains many times. You have three options when Sparky passes: Were he a fivepound Yorkie, Sparky could be buried in your flower bed; an option not so easy with 120-pound Golden Retrievers. Option two is disposal at the local landfill, but many owners view communal decomposition negatively, so this brings us to option three—cremation. Somehow, cremation has become a euphemism with amazing favorability. Pet owners imagine Sparky being placed into the crematory chamber where he is turned into ashes entirely by magic. Cremation sounds so warm and rosy the reality of lighting the deceased on fire never enters the equation. Be it humans, dogs or cats, cremation involves flame, sizzling and smoke.

Euphemisms are used heavily in the political arena as it allows the ruling class to claim one thing while doing the opposite. Democrats are champion euphemisers as evidenced by the unwashed perpetually believing the ruling elite truly care about the poor. They do not. Republicans suck at euphemising, especially President Trump as he is a street fighter tweeting his opponents are both ideologically wrong and stupid. This brings me to my point.

The ruling class knows the little people are easier to control once disarmed but to say so outright would be political suicide. For proof, each election, Democrat sportsmen vote against their fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Today, a new, warm and fuzzy euphemism has appeared in the socialist lexicon with Montana’s own Senator Tester proudly proclaiming he is a “gun safety advocate.” What a brilliant, leftist, literary head fake. Bump stocks, high capacity magazines, semi-automatics and all assault rifles can all be banned under gun safety. One seemingly insignificant safety step will be followed by another until eventually the little people are defenseless. To oppose the collectivists, requires patriots to be “gun un-safety advocates” or supporting the reckless handling of firearms. Don’t be fooled by verbiage; think before you vote.

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