Fromberg Schools post 4th Quarter Honor Roll

Thursday, June 18, 2020

The following students from Fromberg Schools excelled during the last quarter of the year, despite the shut-down for the coronavirus. Congratulations!

Seniors: Brayden Goodman*, Eric Gruel, Shyler Guenthner*, Aspen Haman, Ty Lowery and Dacey Robertson*.

Juniors: Jerzee Carr, Branda Hassan and Gwen McKevitt.

Sophomores: Devan Birrer, Liberty Graham, Siera Guffey*, Jaycie Lowery, Mia Mitchell, Breanna Olson, Christian Olson, Sal Palacios, Lenora Shoemaker*, Khorey Soumas*, Jordyn Whitmus* and Tori Williams.

Freshman: Brandon Dobson, Vanessa Hidalgo, Ciaran McKevitt and Lilika Worden.

8th grade: Madison Birrer*, Trinity Bryant*, Brooklyn Gleason, Olivia Hoffmann, Nathan Shaw and Stefan Shoemaker*.

7th grade: Annika Birrer*, Norman Hathaway, Waylon Hoffman*, Allyson Kowalczyk* and Kenzie Wilm*.

6th grade: Harper Carr, Hunter Gleason, Ashton OldDwarf*, Clayton Peterson and Tatum Struthers.

(An asterisk beside the student’s name means they earned a 4.0 GPA.)


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