Four arrested for South Side vandalism

Chris Mcconnell
Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Laurel Police Detective Joel Sauter announced on Tuesday that two adult males and two juvenile males have been arrested and charged with felonies for shooting out car windows on the evening of November 27 and the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day. Callers had reported nine windows on the south side (mostly on Forrest and Yellowstone Ave.) had been shot out between 10 p.m. and 3–4 a.m.

A couple days after the incidents, a caller reported a reckless driver in a green Ford expedition and stated they heard popping sounds, as if from a

low–powered rifle. Officers

located the vehicle and discovered the occupants were in possession of bb guns. The subjects stated they had been shooting rabbits and gave consent for law enforcement to take the weapons.

Det. Sauter brought the four individuals in for questioning and, during the subsequent investigation and interviews, all eventually admitted to shooting out the windows. Two adults, Tanner Gritten (18) and Hayden Smith (18), and two juveniles were arrested for felony criminal mischief (common scheme) and three of the individuals were charged with obstructing

a peace officer for lying during

their interviews.

The felony charges against

all four suspects were filed with

the Yellowstone County Attor-

ney’s office and Yellowstone

County Youth Court yesterday.



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