Face masks are de-humanizing

Frank Jarvenpaa​​​​​​​ of Roberts
Thursday, May 14, 2020

It’s difficult to deny that behind a mask you cannot see the ‘human’ face to read emotion, a smile, a frown, a lie, a deception. I find most everyone wearing a mask appears flat and predominately sad. We are no longer interacting like humans, we’re machines.

To boot, there is a growing number of doctors speaking out that this protocol is counterproductive. Instead, the medical industry will not listen. These doctors are censored and removed from any form of media. I find their claims common sense, including 1) restricts the oxygen needed to heal and maintain a healthy immune system, 2) breathing in whatever chemical soup is contained within a manufactured mask, which you can smell, 3) regurgitating the bacterial forms and toxins that you normally expound in every exhale, 4) reducing your own immunity by artificially restricting your exposure to normal foreign air born particles.

So to anyone that attempts to mandate a mask for sake of liability and covering their ass, I boycott you. I am not willing to accept fascism for the ‘proclaimed’ benefit of a mere fraction of 1% of the population.

If you don’t think this is fascism, check with your elders. They saw firsthand the ills of fascism and socialism during the Great Depression, WWII, The Cold War, Vietnam, etc. Ask them how the slow creep of rules and protocols for the people’s ‘own good’ manifested into total fascist control of their every move. At this rate, we’ll be another holocaust story likened to our Native Americans and the European Jews. Refresh yourself on our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Stand up for them and exercise them.

Frank Jarvenpaa of Roberts



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