From the editor's desk: February 6, 2020

From the editor's desk
Kathleen Gilluly Laurel Outlook EditorSomething Is Rotten In Park City
Thursday, February 6, 2020

Something is rotten in Park City

It’s unfortunate that the otherwise beautiful town of Park City has gotten a bad rap because of a few people many of whom live in, or have passed through, the Homestead Apartments. Clearly these folks are often in crisis given how often they threaten each other, brandish weapons, have mental breakdowns and call police on each other. Poverty, drugs, mental illness and a lack of resources all play into the drama. Often, no one realizes the extent of their distress until a deputy arrives, or until it’s too late, like it was a few weeks ago when the body of a suicide victim was found behind the post office.

Several residents of Park City have indicated that these more transient, troubled residents have been placed in town by probation and parole or some other agency because the rent is cheap. Unfortunately, Park City has one small gas station open currently, and no stores or restaurants. There is also no bus service, taxi or Uber and residents without transportation are stuck. How soon before another suicide or crisis occurs?

Laurel City Council

Watching the Facebook Live version of Laurel City Council meetings rather than attending in person provides a completely different perspective of our esteemed city representatives. From the sound of Richard Klose’s incessant pen clicking to the view of Emelie Eaton’s flip-flop-clad feet mid-winter, the distractions are even more evident when picked up on mike or through the lens of an iphone.

Beginning with a click, click here, and a click, click there, it took me several meetings to deduct who was behind some of the noises. Then at this week’s meeting the councilors played musical chairs with everyone but Eaton and Irv Wilke changing seats. There was a lot more paper shuffling and snorting, but discerning the culprits may take time. I urge residents to watch every Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. Find out what’s happening in Laurel and let me know which councilor is drumming on their seat!



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