From the editor’s desk: July 2, 2020

From the editor’s desk
Kathleen Gilluly Laurel Outlook Editor And General Manager
Thursday, July 2, 2020
Editor Kathleen Gilluly being tested at the Billings VA for COVID-19.

Editor Kathleen Gilluly being tested at the Billings VA for COVID-19.

Wear a mask for all of our sakes

While there is always cause to be optimistic, if you aren’t worried you haven’t been paying attention.

Montana still has the fewest cases of COVID-19 in the country. We are so lucky to live here. Unfortunately, now that social distancing is a thing, a lot of other folks are envious of us and want to live here too. If they don’t want to buy property here, they want to camp, fish and hike here and have made distancing difficult for the rest of us who want to recreate.

And, at least partly the result of re-opening, cases of coronavirus have surged to over 35,000 per day, countrywide, while Montana has had up to 56 cases in one day this past week. Topping it off, mask-wearing which is recommended by the medical experts for when social distancing isn’t practical has become a divisive political issue.

We all want to get back to normal so let’s be practical, safe, friendly, and concerned about everyone’s well-being during this weird time. Wear a mask. Even Forbes recommends it for the health of the economy, reporting mask-wearing could save $1 trillion. And, of course, continue hand washing, sanitizing, and distancing.

If you can, get tested. The more the merrier and the data from testing helps scientists track the spread of the disease. Although Montana has the fewest number of cases in the nation, Yellowstone County currently has 103 cases per 100,000 people and Big Horn County has a whopping 601 cases per 100,000 folks. Both counties are labeled RED by the CDC under this new method of comparison. By contrast, European countries had around 10-15 cases per 100,000 before they reopened.


Thank you

Shout outs to Laurel’s schools for coming up with plans for reopening, or not, in the fall; thanks to Community Hope which has partnered with Family Services, Inc. to get fresh food to Laurel residents; thanks to the heroes at the USPS for getting our mail and newspapers to us, and thanks for donating to the campaign to stop Veteran suicides through the PTSD stamp; and with gratitude to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department for their efforts to make this a memorable Fourth of July!


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