From the editor’s desk: 8/29/19

By Kthleen Gilluly, Laurel Outlook Editor And General Manager
Thursday, August 29, 2019

How about those grasshoppers?

Laurel, like other nearby communities, has been inundated by hoppers this summer. I have them in my house (thanks, cats) and vehicle. It’s impossible to walk outside with being bombarded by the green, brown and black (?) varieties that have descended on us. But, remember they will be gone soon, as will long days, short pants and summer. So, dodge them in the meantime and take heart because they don’t usually bite or spread disease to humans.


It’s understandable that city councilors are considering saving money by cancelling the Nov. 7, 2019 election. There does seem to be some confusion though over whether someone not registered to run as a write-in candidate can be elected. A year ago, Richard Klose secured the Ward 4 seat because of write-in votes without being registered. If councilors vote on the resolution to cancel the election, folks wishing to write in someone like Klose, who has proven to be capable and conscientious, won’t have the opportunity.

Residents of any ward can register as a write-in candidate for their ward or for the mayor’s seat on or before Sept. 3. If even one person registers, the election will go on.

Happy Labor Day

Give thanks for the day off to the unions and their members who have long fought for workers’ rights. Thanks to the unions for demanding a minimum wage, 40 hour work weeks, child labor laws and many other benefits we all take for granted today.


What are you more likely to buy your valentine this year?

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