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Kathleen Gilluly Laurel Outlook Editor And General Manager
Wednesday, November 24, 2021

• Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy the love and camaraderie of family and friends on Thursday and every day. Remember our blessings and forgive our lapses while taking the day to revel in the glory of the world and all its inhabitants.

• Kyle is still just a kid. So, although I disagree with the verdict (and I do think serving some time for his crimes would be appropriate) I don’t think he can be held completely accountable. His mother, on the other hand, shares culpability and could benefit from a parenting class.

• Months ago, NWE representatives told me when I toured the site of the proposed methane plant with them, that they has spoken to nearby residents and gotten a good reception. Roy Ishkanian, the company’s manager of lands and permitting, pointed out a home to the east of the site on the same side of the river, and told me the family there had expressed excitement over the construction of the plant. Maybe that was the only impacted neighbor they spoke to. Unfortunately, the company did not reach out to most of the proposed plant’s neighbors, although they failed to disclose that to me when I asked.

• It’s all up to the City: Will the new mayor and councilors lead or be led? It’s great to have dedicated city employees to fix the streets, keep the books, etc., but should any of them be telling the council how to vote on any item (especially during a meeting)? If not offering their expertise after being asked about an issue, how is it okay for an employee to interfere with council business?

• “Because a truly great nation is one that can acknowledge its failures.” Ken Burns on why its important to teach history truthfully, warts and all.


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