Don’t get lazy with political resolutions

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Thursday, January 10, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

Whether the demon you annually pledged to defeat is excess calories, alcohol, nicotine, opiates, meth or laziness a recent survey revealed most folks abandon their New Year resolutions by the 12th of January—not exactly stellar self-discipline. Do you think less of someone because they do not do what they pledge? Probably not because voting history shows 50 plus percent of Americans endorse public officials who violate their swearing-in resolution to “support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Those who ignore their oath of office are destroying America.

Our republic is founded on two principles: First, our Creator endowed each of us equally with natural rights. Second, we are a nation of a limited government whose only defined function is securing those rights. Nothing else. America’s framers recognized government as a necessary evil which would grow malignantly were it not held in check. As such, they established a written Constitution hindering government’s, natural pathological growth. Each elected public servant begins their term by pledging allegiance to this Constitution with its inherent restrictions and this creates the rub of which I write.

Progressivism is a Marxist ideology completely contrary to the limited government restricted by our Constitution. All Democrats and Democratic Socialists, be they Senators, Representatives, or non-partisan judges, embrace progressive principles with an unwavering loyalty found nowhere else in the animal kingdom. They crave absolute power over the unwashed and will destroy any and all who obstruct their quest to be in the ruling class. They deem the Constitution as old and outdated so dismiss their flamboyant resolution to support, protect and defend it as meaningless ceremony. Sadly, many Republicans are so drunk by power, they too privately embrace progressivism while publicly proclaiming their allegiance to liberty and limited government. Their sin is greater than the Democrats.

This leaves a handful of patriotic public servants guarding your liberty by adhering to their oath of office. They are weakening. Incessant indoctrination has convinced the little people government, not God, is the source of all rights. Today, far too many Americans demand government deliver a citizen’s imaginary right to healthcare, food, affordable housing, happiness, a basic income, and free college tuition. Ultimately, our great nation founded on liberty, limited government and opportunity has morphed into an oppressive, progressive monstrosity and all because elected officials make a resolution they never intend to keep. What say you?


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