Don’t delay general health care

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Local healthcare providers remind you that it is still safer to seek care for general health concerns or medical emergencies rather than delay care in these challenging times. In light of current guidance to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, Beartooth Billings Clinic (Beartooth) has enhanced safety measures which enable patients to visit with their healthcare provider in person at the Clinic, as well as virtually from their home or office in certain instances via phone, computer or mobile device. The hospital emergency department is available 24/7 for those who call 911 or come to the ED with symptoms such as chest pain, stroke-like symptoms (face drooping, arm weakness or trouble speaking), severe difficulty breathing, severe abdominal pain or other worrisome symptoms. Whether for a routine exam or an emergency, patients are urged to call ahead whenever possible.

According to Dallas Clark, MD, primary care provider at Beartooth, “We’ve made several changes to ensure the safety of patients and staff. I am proud to say our team has continued to provide safe and effective care for our patients even during these difficult times.”

Those patients who have severe issues but are inclined to put off seeking medical care could be at risk. “It is much safer for a person to be seen and get the healthcare they need than to stay home and risk a bad outcome. We understand this is a scary time, and Beartooth has adjusted accordingly to ensure all of our safety. If you are feeling acutely ill and need emergency care, then we want to see you,” noted William Oley, MD, Beartooth’s Medical Director.

Beartooth is known for its high standards for quality and safety and undergoes annual inspections from a variety of health licensing agencies each year, according to Greg Burfeind, MD, family physician at Beartooth. Beartooth reminds the public to continue following CDC guidance to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

For more information, contact Beartooth Billings Clinic at 446-2345 or visit


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