Don’t approve pipeline, Commissioners

Thursday, March 17, 2022

The proposed methane pipeline beneath the Yellowstone outside Laurel will have to cross beneath two active channels of the river. These two channels can change as the primary channel from year to year and some years all the flow is contained by only one of the channels. Tunneling these two channels is far more challenging than simply beneath one primary, established river course.

This proposed pipeline is not only an invitation to rupture but the power plant itself will be devastating to adjoining home owners. There are 31 homes within ½ mile of the site. The 24 hour noise and light from its 18 smoke stacks will not only impart unpleasantness but, just as importantly, absolutely destroy these property values.

These homes vary in size and acreage from one acre to 20 acres. Some of the resident’s families have lived on the property for up to 90 years. Property values range from $100,000 plus to well over a million dollars. WHO WOULD WANT TO BUY INTO THE AREA WITH A NOISY, BRIGHT POWER PLANT POUNDING AWAY 24 HOURS A DAY?

I’m sure you are a homeowner yourself. Put yourselves in these homeowner’s places. This is not the same as those who bought into the neighborhood knowing there was a huge refinery just a couple of miles away or a major county road near their front door. Those detriments already existed but the purchases were made with that knowledge. Not so, with this interloping entity.

There are other locations for this plant which will not affect local homeowners. Why not? Because Northwest Energy wants to spare the expense of a few miles of pipe and transmission lines. That additional cost is not coming out of the Director’s pockets but rather they will just pass the cost on to their customers.

On the contrary, permitting this plant is going to be devastating to the 31 homeowners living within that ½ mile. Please, use your authority to deny that crossing permit and hopefully move that plant to some less offensive location along with a safer river crossing.

Greg Childs

Laurel Mont.

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