Disney and progressives wrong

Wednesday, July 3, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

Contrary to the teachings of Walt Disney, animals are different than humans. Critters interact with their kind by scent, noise and subtle behavior cues mostly invisible to others. Interspecies communication is either predator / prey or indifference depending on the circumstances. All other warm and fuzzy animal relationships are Disney fantasy.

This is not to diminish the human / animal bond and over my years I have had good dogs, good cows and good horses. However, it is foolish to believe my furry friends enjoy my company as much as I do theirs. The truth is, I am their meal ticket and to think otherwise, requires one to believe animals can perceive self and time, thereby enabling them to reason and plan. They do not and cannot. You can prove this by dumping 50 pounds of corn in your pony’s feed bunk or cleaning your grill-grease bucket into your dog’s food bowl. Unaware of what comes next, both Trigger and Bullet will eat themselves to death. Animals always do what is immediately pleasurable regardless the potential long-term damage. Thanks to political propagandists this dangerous animal-like shortsightedness now afflicts half the US voters.

Progressivism is a fraud where the ruling class convinces the unwashed the deleterious effect of 50 pounds of corn or two pounds of pork-rib grease is magically negated by free government programs. “You can stuff your face, suffer no harm and it’s all free … if you vote for me,” is how it is phrased in politics and this brings me to my point.

The presidential primary election is a year away and the 24 Democrat candidates are distinguishing themselves by tweaking giveaways for the common man. For example, transferring money from folks who never owned slaves to people who never were slaves and calling it reparations seemed preposterous until Senator Elizabeth Warren added gay marriage reparations to the mix. Free healthcare and universal pre-K mean there is no limit to their charity when they use your checkbook.

All progressive candidates endorse free higher education whether it is free from the getgo or free through student loan forgiveness. Both ideas peg the suck-meter for those who worked double jobs to graduate debt free or struggled hard and lived frugally to quickly retire their loans. A recent study showed two-thirds of college graduates regret accumulating huge student loan debt in fields of no value. However, like a horse or dog, they lack the foresight to tie their bad decisions to those who encouraged them to eat the corn and the grease. Instead, they blame President Trump and the GOP, so welcome to Disneyland.


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