Discussions on estate planning hosted by MSU Extension

Thursday, December 31, 2020

MSU Extension will host a series of discussions in 2021 on i MontGuide fact sheets about estates and legacy planning.

MontGuide Mondays will run 10 to 11 a.m. each Monday in January and February via Webex. Sessions will be hosted by Marsha Goetting, MSU Extension family economics specialist, and also feature several Extension agents from across the state.

According to Goetting, the sessions will run like a book club where participants will read a MontGuide and take part in a virtual discussion. Participants can ask Goetting and agents quetions about the reading or just listen and learn.

MontGuides to be covered include:

• “Dying Without a Will in Montana: Who Receives Your Property”

• “Whose Name is on Your Property?”

• “Non-Probate Transfers and Transfer on Death Deeds”

• “Probate in Montana and Duties of a Personal Representativ

• “Revocable Living Trusts”

• “Wills Plus Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate”

Over the past seven years, Goetting has presented more than 500 educational sessions that have delivered financial and estate planning information to at least 15,000 Montanans. Goetting ha received state, regional and national awards for her programs. She has authored 46 MontGuide fact sheets on estate planning.

Registration is required for MontGuide Mondays and can be done at montana.edu/familyeconomics/montguidemondays. For more information, email Goetting at marsha.goetting@montanaedu.


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