Dependency disguised as charity cruel

Thursday, July 11, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

I love this country and see opportunity everywhere. My life began on a small ranch in eastern Montana. We droughted out twice over our ten years on Blacktail Creek, and since this was the late ‘50s, we were unaware drought was caused by inadequate taxation and regulation. We just thought it was dry.

We moved to the family homestead at the foot of Wyoming’s Big Horns when I was eight. Blizzards and long winters replaced droughts and long summers, again caused by inadequate taxation and regulation. I grew up, married my high school sweetheart, earned my doctorate, opened my veterinary practice, bought the family homestead, raised three children and started my cattle drive business. My three children later married and launched their careers while giving me 18 grandchildren. Here is a snapshot of my American family over this Independence Day.

My middle daughter, Chelsie brought her four mini-Warners from the coast. Marcus, her husband, is again deployed to the Gulf and the separation is especially hard on Will, their oldest. Wednesday afternoon Will was lining our driveway with small American flags. He was tearyeyed as he struggled hand-driving the dowel rod flags into the old roadbed. Whether his tears were from the effort or the emotion is known only to Will. Once done, he stepped back to admire his work when Badger, a retired guest horse, trotted over and pulled a Colin Kaepernick by plucking out several flags. Badger must be Democrat, and this brings me to my point.

America is truly an exceptional nation and social justice warriors who claim our republic is inherently racist are dead wrong. Opportunity abounds for all. My ancestors are Irish, so here is my take on this white privilege nonsense: Was it white privilege which taught me the value of a summer job involving bale chaps and hay hooks? Was it white privilege which rolled the trophy wife and her cook crew out of bed at 2 in the morning to feed 20 guests breakfast to get them in the saddle a halfhour before daylight? Was it white privilege which taught my children and grandchildren proper work ethic? I think not.

Our constitutional republic is the greatest nation in world history contrary to media propagandists, collectivist presidential candidates and coddled, kneeling athletes. Imagine racism in America today had the pro-slavery side, the Democrats, won the Civil War? People are enslaved when you take from them all they have earned, but they are also enslaved when you give them all they have not earned. Dependency disguised as charity is as cruel as chains and shackles. Think about it.


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