Dems are despicable people

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Everyone of those Democrat Senators that sat on the Kavanaugh hearings are what I would call despicable human beings. Senators Feinstein and Blumenthal were the worst in their nauseated and acrimonious statements. From my 50 years of watching and researching the actions of Congress and White House I have come to the conclusion that all Democrats are this way and not one of them should receive a yes vote on Nov. 6. They are not the typical Democrats and liberals of 50 years ago and should be called Communists or Marxists because in my mind they act and think that way and they support the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto. They would all be more at home in N. Korea, China, Georgia, or Israel than in Montana. Those running on the Democrat ticket are Sen. Jon Tester and Kathryn [sic] Williams that fall in that category.

Lou Dobbs stated recently that the Democrat Party has been corrupt for 20 years. He is being generous in my mind. There is lots of history to substantiate this and it goes clear back to FDR. The 1940 President who called Joseph Stalin ‘Uncle’ and said his best friends were Communists and there were a lot of them in his administration. I am for cleaning house of all those that have a (D) in front of their name. In other words vote them out.

Arthur Hollowell of Joliet

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